Stream It While You Can: ‘New Girl’

Published on April 22, 2020

New Girl is a ray of sunshine. A ray of sunshine that never dims, except for a puzzling second season that loses the magic before regaining it in season three. For the most part, the Fox comedy series was a consistent and reliable source of joy. Had a bad day? Turn on New Girl. Had a long day? Let’s watch New Girl. It’s the perfect show to stream for feel-good escapism. 

The Best of Best Friends

The Fox comedy presents a group of friends you’d want in your life or hopefully already have in your life. Anybody with a close group of ride-or-die friends will recognize themselves or pals in this wonderful ensemble, if your friends are actually wonderful, of course. The New Girl gang provides comfort food television with nutrition.

Happy Comfort Food

During the pandemic, it’s an easy instinct to want to turn off the brain and let the eyes and ears consume a whole lotta garbage. A lot of us are seeking comfort food programming right now. But not all comfort food is without merit or brains. New Girl is the perfect comfort food show. It’s generally light and easy but also witty, thoughtful, and often relatable, especially for 20 and 30-somethings living in Los Angeles. It’s a comedy for almost anybody without playing to the lowest common denominator. It’s almost a miracle New Girl, for almost all of its 147 episodes, stayed cool and true and never lost sight of itself. 

The All-Star Cast

Flaws and all, the friends on New Girl are lovable. We’ve all met, known, or been these people at sometime in our lives. No matter how ridiculous their situations and predicaments are, they all manage to stay real and relatable. Some of the comedy is outlandish in New Girl, but so many of the feelings the characters experience are tangible. The main cast, including Zoey DeschanelJake JohnsonMax Greenfield, and Lamome Morris, bring so much life to these characters. They’re far from the average “best friends” on TV trying to get by in the big city They’re so much more nuanced and funnier than that. 


They’re often joined by fantastic guest stars, too. Cameos are a tricky thing in comedy. It can kill the reality or create too many lofty expectations hard to live up to, but New Girl nailed the celebrity guest appearances. In fact, it may have the greatest guest role ever in a television comedy. Who on Earth could top an epic supporting role by Prince? Watching that episode now, it’s even more heart-warming and heart-melting. The show is joyful enough already, but add Prince in the mix, it’s magical. It’s an incredible half-hour of comedy, watching normies enter Prince’s orbit. The late pop star wasn’t the only dynamite guest star on New Girl, either. Olivia Munn and Megan Fox, in particular, were excellent additions to the world of New Girl. They got to reveal more range as performers and play the funniest, maybe the most real characters in their careers. 

A Comedy with Style

There are great stars behind the camera as well on New Girl. Whenever you watch the opening credits, when the director’s name pops up, it’s not surprising to learn just how many wonderful filmmakers had the New Girl experience. Lorene Scafaria (Hustlers), Lynn Shelton (Laggie), Peyton Reed (Down with Love), Jake Kasdan (Walk Hard), and more directed classic episodes of the comedy. All great directors perfectly suited to the tone of New Girl. They all helped create such a warm and aesthetically pleasing LA show, too, not another bland-looking half-hour comedy. 

Bond Over New Girl

Another major reason to watch New Girl? It’s a show people bond over and live to quote. You’ll meet people you think you have little in common with, somehow New Girl comes up, and then you have everything to talk about. Many great conversations and connections get started because of the Fox show. The people that love it, they really love it, and damn it, they want to talk about it. For good reason. Join the fun. Meet your new favorite (fictional) friends.

You can watch New Girl on Netflix or rent it on Amazon.

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