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Here Is Your Netflix Streaming Guide For This Week

April 6th

The Big Show Show


April 7th

Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020 – Part 3

April 9th

Hi Score Girl: Season 2

April 10th

Brews Brothers
LA Originals
La Vie Scolaire
Love Wedding Repeat
The Main Event


April 11th

CODE 8 (2019)


The good thing about going through a pandemic in the age of streaming is that none of us are likely to feel like we have to re-watch Game of Thrones if we don’t want to. Personally, our weekly Netflix streaming guide has gotten me through many fits of boredom over the last month. With new content to stream on a daily basis, there is never a shortage of entertainment so long as you can stand to look at a screen.

Here is everything coming to Netflix this week, courtesy of What’s On Netflix. Not included in the Netflix streaming guide is the surprise episode of Tiger King, which will air sometime this week on the streaming platform. One of the show’s stars, Jeff Lowe, confirmed in a video that was posted on Twitter over the weekend that Netflix will be dropping a surprise episode sometime within the next week, though the subject of the new episode is entirely unconfirmed.

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