Netflix Set To Release Pokémon Remake

Published on January 22, 2020

Good news, Millennials. The very first movie of the Pokémon franchise is coming back as a remake. We first welcomed the film back in 1998 in Japan and will be able to find it on Netflix soon.

I was three years old when the US received the movie in 1999. Now, I can revisit those vague memories again, since Mewtwo Strikes Back came back last year with a remake. It seems the Japanese production is ready to make its way here to the US.

The Trailer

As energized as ever, citizens of the Netkingdom sparked up like Pikachu’s cheeks when the official Pokémon twitter account started a thread with Netflix’s. The company asked the streaming service if they were ready, as the cutest Mew played peek-a-boo through a plant. Without any further ado, Netflix accepted the challenge.

As a result, it didn’t take long for the franchise to confirm the tease about Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution and its release. Found in Netflix’s YouTube account, the trailer portrays the 3DCG makeover and it exposes fans to the English dub version of the film.

America Was Not First

However, according to a source from, this is not the first time the movie has been seen. In fact, the movie is out in Japan and recently went public last summer in July, during a premiere in Los Angeles, California, at Anime Expo.

Megan Peters, contributor writer of Comicbook, claims that “the movie is definitely a nostalgia play for fans, and it is a great starting point for trainers new to the anime.” Fans outside of Japan have no choice but to wait for the film to be released to Netflix.

Judging from the trailer, I can bluntly determine that the graphics are meant to please a younger audience that did not exist back in 1998. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the movie was produced by Americans themselves due to certain features that do not remind me of the anime I am used to watch. Understandable for the new generation, but not for the original, semi-mature fans who are now near their 30s.

We will be introduced to “cute-looking” Pokémon, as well as an Ash Ketchum in Funko Pop style. Nevertheless, I am still giving it a chance and wait for the film to get to Netflix.


Emily Arons, senior vice president of international business at The Pokemon Company International, said:

“The ubiquitous reach and expert team at Netflix make them the perfect partner to bring this special animated movie to kids and fans around the world. Netflix is the ideal platform to help us execute a global simultaneous launch of an animated Pokémon movie on Pokémon Day, a special moment dedicated to celebrating the worldwide Pokémon fan community.”

She is right. Netflix has become the norm for the section of the population who are constantly on the go, including me. I am either going to work or come back home to catch up on sleep and writing. Hell, I don’t think I even watch TV anymore. Netflix is currently a commodity of the 21st century; it is the number one streaming company everybody has in common. Basically, if something is not on Netflix, then I don’t want it.

 When the first version of the movie premiered in 1998 in Japan, it grossed over $85 million. Ever since then, there have been approximately 21 other Pokémon films, but none as successful as the first one. You can understand why fans are anxious to see if the remake lives up to the greatness of the first one. Part of the anxiety comes from the fact that remakes have been known to disappoint viewers over the years. I guess there is no choice but to clear our schedules for the Netflix premiere on February 27th.

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Argenis Ovalles is an Editorial Intern at Grit Daily. He currently writes at Vocal Media and Theater Pizzazz.

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