Netflix Releases Third and Final Season of Anne With an E

Published on January 6, 2020

Inspired by the Lucy Maud Montegomery books, Anne of Green Gables, the third and final season of Anne with an E has been released by Netflix. Now at 16-years-old, Anne (Amybeth McNulty) journeys through different cycles of life throughout this season.

The new season will also approach prejudice against indigenousness, early marriage, and self-discovery. The story surrounds the journey of Anne, an orphan recently adopted with certain dilemmas at her age. Above all, the script turns around personal discovery and society’s rules for women at the end of the 19th century.

A Canadian producer (CDC) started producing Anne With an E in 2017 and made a partnership with Netflix Originals. Last November, however, Netflix announced this would be the final season.

Her optimism when dealing with things like frustration, doubts and feelings create a type of friendship between the viewer and Anne — one characterized by empathy. It got to a point that the actor Ryan Reynolds is trying to intervene and called on his Twitter for more! I hope they listen.

Anne’s importance

First plot twist happens when she gets there but they were waiting for a boy to work at the farm. Meanwhile, the TV Show’s first season starts when Anne is 13-years-old and is often annoying when trying to get Marilla and Matthew to like her.

After living in many houses, she tries to make it work at her new home while learning how to deal with her feelings. On the other hand, Niki Caro, the director, exposed her traumas in a sensitive way.

The TV Show follows new popular demand about mental health and makes a really awesome hero journey. Undoubtedly, we can notice how she grows through each episode, engages in new adventure, and is entangled in plots of love and friendship — just like real life.

Her new adventure goals on this season will be related to the search for her biological parents. Through this journey, Anne tries to find out more about them and herself.

All in all, it’s a good TV Show to binge on the weekend or watch before hitting those zzzz’s. A genius script by Kathryn Borel, Anne with an E captures a light story lasting approximately 45 minutes. Check out the trailer!

Fun facts

Who doesn’t love some fun facts? So here we go!

First adaptation? No!

Anne’s story was already adapted as a movie and other TV Shows but the most popular version is this one, made by Netflix and CBC. In 1985, CBC also produced a movie directed by Kevin Sullivan. Seems that they really love Anne, right? 🙂

Places and production

The story’s farm and island are real places in Canada — Green Gable’s farm at Prince Edward Island are touristy places often visited by fans. The TV Show was mostly recorded in Ontario while some scenes were in the farm.

Amybeth’s first big character

Amybeth is irish, is 18-years-old, and is actually blond! As her first big acting job, she gave life to the character and showed enough talent to keep growing! She also worked in Morgan, a 2016 horror movie, as the main character.

Books vs. Show

There are ten books about Anne’s story: she starts at age 11 and turns 40 on the 6th installation, when finally her children become the main characters. Unfortunately, if they do indeed cancel the TV Show, she will only reach 16.

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