There are 63 games in the 2019 NCAA tournament, through the first 48 there is just 1 perfect bracket remaining across all the major online brackets, named “Center Road”.

By reaching the Sweet 16 unblemished, “Center Road” now owns the longest streak for correct picks ever. This breaks the previous streak of 39 games that was reached in 2017.

This is the fourth consecutive year that millions of brackets have been tracked across the country amongst the largest websites that include: ESPN, CBS, Yahoo, Fox, and Sports Illustrated. Typically, this tracking system doesn’t take long before all brackets are busted across all platforms, this year a bracket made it to the Sweet 16 which is unheard of.

For a further breakdown of how remarkable this is, if every game was assumed a 50/50 chance. The odds of getting all 48 games correct in a row would be 1 in 281,474,976,710,656. There is a reason that this has never been done before, and something nobody thought we would ever see.

Who Gets into the Elite 8?

Ironically, the eight teams to move on according to “Center Road” match exactly to what we had chose in our GritDaily bracket. The teams moving forward would be Gonzaga, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, Michigan State, North Carolina, Duke, and Kentucky. This would be all 1 and 2 seeds making it to the Elite 8 which has never happened in the 34-year history of the tournament. The odds are highly against this happening, but then again so was picking the first 48 games correct.

Power Rankings Into the Sweet 16
  1. Gonzaga
  2. North Carolina
  3. Duke
  4. Virginia
  5. Michigan State