#NationalHugDay Made Us All Reflect on Best Hugs in TV & Film History

Published on January 22, 2020

Yesterday was “National Hug Day,” and whether the fact that the day itself exists gives you the warm and fuzzies or it triggers your fear of your personal space being invaded, it made many of us think back on some of the best hugs we’ve had. Some people are natural huggers, and god bless those people because I am not one of them. But it’s a skill to be acknowledged and envied, especially on #NationalHugDay.

Some on Twitter had a pretty good time coming up with examples of some of the most memorable onscreen hugs of all time for #NationalHugDay — classic BFF hugs, heart-wrenching hugs, romantic hugs, hello and goodbye hugs, and perhaps my favorite: hilariously awkward hugs.

Here are some examples of hugs from film and television that will go down in history.

This hug from Inside Out that made us want to call our parents like immediately

This Star Wars bro hug that was so raw

This epic Michael Scott hug from The Office that made us all want a Michael Scott

This big, squishy, enviable Baymax hug from Big Hero 6

This Clueless hug that was probably the most real moment of the entire film

This super Stitchy hug from Lilo & Stitch that made us all want an alien puppy, or I guess a regular puppy is okay

This classic Chandler and Joey hug

This hug from The Notebook that gave us all kinds of unrealistic expectations for love but it’s fine

This other hug from The Notebook that I’m not sure can be classified as a hug, but it’s also fine

This epic Golden Girls group hug


This creepy ass Voldemort hug that left us shook

And this cute AF Hermione hug that makes up for it

The Matt Damon + Robin Williams hug in Good Will Hunting that gave us so many feels

This Lost in Translation hug that defied convention

And this ET hug and omg I am legit tearing up RIGHT now

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