11 Must-Have Memorial Day Items to Make the Most Out of Your Celebrations

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Published on May 21, 2023

As we approach the end of May, it’s time to prepare for the upcoming Memorial Day celebrations. This day of remembrance not only honors those who have sacrificed for our country but also serves as a milestone marking the unofficial start of summer. It’s a time to come together with family and friends, share stories, and create new memories. Choosing the right products can enhance these gatherings, making them more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Why These Items?

For Memorial Day, it is all about items that enhance outdoor activities and get-togethers. Decorations that show off our patriotism, like American flags or red, white, and blue buntings, are an excellent way to visually celebrate this significant day. Outdoor cooking and dining equipment, like utensil caddies, are also popular for Memorial Day barbecues and picnics, while products for outdoor relaxation and recreation, like coolers or lawn games, can further add to the enjoyment of the day. And don’t forget about torches or candles to add ambiance to an evening gathering while keeping pesky insects away.

Why These Products Were Chosen

The products featured in this guide have been chosen carefully with the idea of balancing utility, quality, and aesthetics. We also kept in mind the significance of Memorial Day and chose products that reflect the patriotic spirit of this holiday. Lastly, we also looked at the versatility of each product, favoring items that not only are perfect for Memorial Day but can also be used throughout the summer season and beyond. Enjoy your celebrations, and remember to take a moment to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill

Take a moment to consider the Cuisinart Portable Charcoal Grill for your memorial day needs. This 14″ x 14″ x 15″ portable charcoal grill, dressed in a striking red, is compact yet well-equipped. It showcases a 196-square-inch cooking rack, a dual venting system for excellent heat management, and three secure lid locks. Despite its size, this grill is built for mobility, perfect for a variety of outdoor settings. An enamel-coated firebox and a no-mess ash catcher are added features ensuring both safety and easy maintenance.

  • Portability
  • Temperature control
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Small cooking surface
  • Lacks temperature gauge

Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

Charcoal not your thing? Then the Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill might be more suitable for your portable grill needs. Designed for portability and efficiency, this gas grill, complete with push-button ignition, promises a hassle-free grilling experience. Its unique features include a porcelain-enameled steel cooking grate and a matching base and lid, ensuring durability and even heat distribution. The plated steel legs are designed to lock the lid in place for easy and safe transportation.

  • Portability
  • Ease of use
  • Durable design
  • Limited cooking space
  • Requires assembly

Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker with Cover

Less concerned about portability? Want a backyard beast that can handle a large gathering? Then the Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker is an impressive choice for your Memorial Day barbecue needs. Boasting 811 square inches of total cooking area, this grill is equipped to cater to a sizable crowd. It features an attached offset smoker for that perfect smoky flavor, an adjustable 2-level charcoal pan for optimal heat control, and a lid-mounted thermometer for precision cooking. This grill even provides ample workspace with front and side tables and a bottom shelf for storage.

  • Large cooking area
  • Integrated smoker
  • Adjustable heat control
  • Heavy
  • Limited weight capacity for storage

Kaluns BBQ Grill Accessories

The Kaluns BBQ Grill Accessories set is a comprehensive grilling companion consisting of a wide array of high-quality stainless steel tools. The 21-piece kit offers a professional grilling experience, whether it’s for your backyard barbecue or an outdoor adventure. The set includes an apron with pockets for tools, a spatula with multiple functions, tongs, a grill brush with an extra head, and more. Packaged neatly in a portable and durable aluminum case, this set also makes an excellent gift for the grilling enthusiast in your life, no matter the day.

  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Comprehensive set
  • Portable storage case
  • May be overkill for casual grillers

Eagle Flag Apron with 2 Pockets

Already have grilling accessories but still want an apron? The Funny Animal Apron by DZGlobal is a vibrant and practical addition to your kitchen or garden chores. Adorned with bold colors and clear images, this apron sports an American flag and a majestic bald eagle design that is perfect for Memorial Day. Made from a blend of polyester fabric, the apron ensures safety from harmful chemicals and is environment-friendly. It also features two handy pockets for tool storage and is easy to clean, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Adjustable size
  • Two pockets
  • Versatile usage
  • One size may not fit all
  • Limited design options

Acacia Wood Cutting Board and Chopping Board

The Home Beets Acacia Wood Cutting Board offers an all-in-one solution for your kitchen needs. The versatile accessory is ideal for preparing, cutting, chopping, and serving food, thanks to its handy ergonomic handle. It is especially useful for meats and other foods perfect for the grill. Additionally, the cutting board is crafted from premium-grade acacia wood, ensuring longevity and durability. Its rustic farmhouse finish is an added aesthetic charm that complements various home decor styles.

  • Multifunctional design
  • Robust material
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Requires periodic maintenance
  • May not be dishwasher safe

Mindspace Utensil Holder

The Mindspace Utensil Holder serves as a multi-purpose caddy for your kitchen or outdoors if you plan on having a fun gathering on Memorial Day, allowing you to organize various items such as utensils, condiments, seasonings, and more. It is portable and lightweight, with a sturdy steel wire construction. The modern mesh design adds a stylish touch to any setting, and its functionality makes it ideal for any items you might need to keep organized.

  • Multifunctional design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Stylish look
  • Size may not accommodate larger utensils
  • Not dishwasher safe

Patriotic Decor Bunting Banner

No Memorial Day gathering or celebration is right without some patriotic decorations, and this bunting will add a vibrant touch. With its bright red, white, and blue colors, this 3.0 x 6.0 feet flag is ideal for outdoor use, offering a significant visual impact to any porch, deck, or home. Made of durable polyester, it’s easy to hang and features beautifully printed bright white stars and stripes to express a proud patriotic spirit. Want something else? Browse these patriotic decorations.

  • Vibrant and large for high visibility
  • Durable polyester material
  • Easy to hang with sturdy grommets
  • The print is single-sided
  • May require careful handling to avoid tears

Patriotic Americana Wreath

The idyllic Patriotic Americana Wreath Boxwood is a handcrafted decoration perfect for Memorial Day and other patriotic occasions. This 13-inch wreath, made of foam and metal, uses the same color scheme as the American flag, providing a beautiful and vibrant addition to any front door or wall. It’s light and easy to hang, instantly filling your room with a festive atmosphere. Moreover, it can be used year after year without worry.

  • Bright, patriotic color scheme
  • Lightweight and easy to hang
  • Durable foam and metal construction
  • Size may be too small for some preferences
  • Foam material may be less durable outdoors

Citronella 16oz Table Top Torches

Seraphic’s Citronella 16oz Table Top Torch set offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for enhancing outdoor areas. These 7″ tall, 16-ounce glass table top torches come in a patriotic red, white, and blue set of three. They are perfect for adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to patios, gardens, lawns, and outdoor parties. Their citronella capability also helps in warding off insects, though the oil is not included with the purchase. So make sure to pick up some oil when you grab these fantastic table top torches.

  • Attractive design
  • Functional citronella capability
  • Comes as a set of three
  • Citronella oil not included
  • Requires careful storage
  • Burn time limited to 6 hours per fill-up

ICEMULE Traveler™ 35L Soft Cooler

The ICEMULE Traveler™ is a top-tier soft cooler designed with user convenience and durability in mind. With its exclusive Bowhead Top™, users can easily access the interior, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities. Its 100% waterproof PakShield top zipper ensures the contents stay dry, and with a hefty 35-liter capacity, you can load it with a variety of beverages and snacks. Notably, it can also double as durable luggage for your adventures. So whether you plan to celebrate at home or venture into the great outdoors, its the perfect pick to keep things cool.

  • Easy-to-use Bowhead Top™
  • 100% waterproof zipper
  • Versatile use (cooler and luggage)
  • Might be bulky for some
  • Expensive

Final Thoughts

As we commemorate our heroes this Memorial Day, let these carefully selected products enhance your celebrations and create an ambiance of unity, gratitude, and patriotism. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of an American bunting waving in the breeze, the comforting glow of citronella torches illuminating your backyard, or the practical convenience of a top-tier cooler for your refreshments, these items are here to help make your holiday memorable.

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