The Most Successful Women Traders

By Brianna Ruelas Brianna Ruelas has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on October 24, 2023

Males make up about 80% of Forex traders in the US, a predominant number in the trading industry. However, as more and more women make their mark in this field, the landscape is steadily shifting. Nowadays, women have become some of the most successful and significant traders in the world.

The Traders Union has carried out a thorough investigation of the world’s top female traders, shedding light on the achievements of these remarkable women and offering insights into their trading methods, risk-management measures, and general market outlook.

Successful Women Traders 

There is a lot for you to learn from the lives of successful women traders. Looking at the richest female traders in the world, you’ll be able to see how they generate their money and learn what strategies they adopt to become wealthy. So, let’s see who they are.

1. Debra Lien

Based in New York, Kathy Lien is a renowned researcher and authority on the forex market. She matriculated from the Stern School of Business at New York University and started working on Wall Street at the tender age of 18. She was an expert in the currency market while working for JP Morgan Chase, and she later joined FXCM and other niche FX websites.

Lien has a wealth of expertise in creating trading methods and has been highlighted by a number of financial media publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and CNBC. She is the Managing Director of FX Strategy at BK Asset Management and a co-founder of At the age of 21, Lien started, specializing in G20 currencies.

2. Raghee Horner

One of the most well-known female traders and a specialist in forex, derivatives, and currency ETFs is Raghee Horner. Right now, she is employed with Simpler Futures. Many people have been able to develop their trading abilities because of her thorough grasp of the markets. She is renowned for her ability to cut through market noise and transform it into practical, reliable, and successful trading tactics.

Since her senior year of high school, Raghee has been trading, initially by hand-drawing charts and then by independently calculating all the indicators. Raghee has been trading for around 30 years and is well-versed in all market classes. She is renowned for creating “any market, any time frame” indicators, and the well-known 34-EMA wave approach. This strategy has a few uses that you may find in different research at Forex Factory.

Raghee has distinguished herself as one of the top female traders in the industry with her enthusiasm and commitment, technical expertise, and thorough assessments. Having trading skills is very important for becoming successful in this arena. However, if you don’t have skills and prior knowledge of trading, you can still trade your assets with the help of trading bots like Immediate Connect. The bot will provide you with a demo account to trade with fake money and learn profitable trading techniques.

3. Linda Bradford Raschke

A well-known commodities and futures trader, Linda Bradford Raschke, got her start in the business in the early 1980s. She has a reputation for being able to react to trade trends while still being reliable and persistent. She began her work at the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange as a market maker for stock options. When she was ready to start working for herself as a day trader, she relocated and spent the next six years at the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

Linda launched her own investment firm in 2002, but she also kept trading for her own account. Along with Laurence A., she co-authored the well-known book “Trading Sardines and Street Smarts: High Probability Trading Strategies for the Futures and Equities Markets.” Connors, TradingMarkets’ CEO. She is currently the leader of LBR Group, a commodities trading consultancy, and LBR Asset Management, a commodity pool operator. Both firms have her name in initials.

4. Jennifer Fan

We’ll also discuss Jennifer Fan, a well-known female trader who, at the age of 19, earned degrees in finance, statistics, and operations research from a business school. Jennifer is a hedge fund manager who focuses on identifying relative value in the agriculture and energy sectors. She began her career at Morgan Stanley and then worked for more than ten years as a partner and portfolio manager at Arrowhawk Capital Management. She was on the Forbes list of 30 Under 30: Finance in 2012. 

Later, she was able to start Arbalet Capital, a $650 million hedge fund, on her own. After Arbalet Capital was shut down in 2013, she then began working at the New York-based Millennium Management. A $40 billion investment portfolio is managed by Millennium, a multinational investment management company. She is now employed as the CEO of a family office, a private company.

5. Lindsay Simmons

Another outstanding female trader who gained notoriety in 2017 is Lauren Simmons. At barely 23 years old, she set records and created history by becoming the NYSE’s second black woman stock trader and the exchange’s youngest full-time female trader. 

She changed occupations after earning a degree in genetics, working for Rosenblatt Securities in finance and stock trading. Being the only woman employed there at the time was undoubtedly difficult for Lauren, but she has shown that any woman can succeed in a predominately male field.

6. Jane Gallina 

Since 2015, Jane Gallina has been trading as a self-taught Canadian trader headquartered in Montreal. She is a day trader focusing mostly on trading equities, penny stocks, and options. Gallina has her own website, where she provides trading tutoring, and a YouTube channel. She also incorporates market technical analysis into her trading technique. She is very active on Twitter and LinkedIn, among other social media platforms.

What Makes These Traders Stand Out?

Female traders have historically been viewed as having lower skill levels due to the strong male presence in the industry. The reality is that women are also highly successful traders. They frequently possess the mindset and mentality of a profitable trader.

Most male traders typically have a tendency to overtrade or trade in retaliation after experiencing a string of losing streaks. There is data that suggests women prefer to trade more cautiously, which can lead to better outcomes. This enables them to take a step back, consider what went wrong, and then decide what action to take next to remedy the issue.

If we apply it to the context of trading, male traders frequently have second thoughts and act on impulse. They are, therefore, more prone to disregard their initial trading strategy and incur losses. However, take in mind that not all traders will exhibit these qualities. Both men and women who trade successfully exist in large numbers.

Final Thoughts

The success stories of female traders have shown that women may now work in the trading business, too. More female traders are breaking through barriers and participating in the trading community as internet trading continues to flourish. These women have demonstrated that achieving success is attainable regardless of gender, even though trading is still a very dangerous venture.

By Brianna Ruelas Brianna Ruelas has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Brianna Ruelas is a Dallas-based account executive and news desk editor at Grit Daily. She is also a motivational speaker and singer, creative cultivator, and bestselling author. Reach her at

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