Monopoly For Millennials Just Got An Award From PETA

Published on December 16, 2018

Though it may not have gotten the best reviews on social media, Monopoly For Millennials is, at least, pleasing one group of people. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has awarded Monopoly For Millennials with their Proggy Award, which honors companies or people for making steps toward progress in PETA’s eyes. The game lets players collect things like experience points instead of properties because Hasbro knows that Millennials don’t have money anyway. The game pokes fun at things like being vegan, taking selfies and liking avocado toast and music festivals. The vegan aspect of the game is the reason that Monopoly for Millennials caught PETA’s attention in the first place.

“Monopoly for Millennials may have garnered some criticism for its cheeky portrayal of millennial culture, but it nails our generation’s dedication to helping animals,” says PETA Senior Director of Youth Outreach and Campaigns Marta Holmberg in a press release about the award. “PETA is recognizing Hasbro for acknowledging a simple fact: Young adults today are choosing kindness over cruelty,” Holmberg goes on to say in the press release.

Drama With Nick Jonas

PETA is, as always, hard at work bringing animal cruelty to our attention. At Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra’s highly publicized wedding last weekend, PETA had something to say. The famous couple has been accused of animal cruelty over the use of animals in their wedding ceremony. The couple got married during a Hindu ceremony in her hometown in Northwestern India. This happened after a christian ceremony just a day before. The wedding included extravagant things like fireworks and animal rides. Both of which have brought criticism in the days following the event.

In response to the use of animals in the wedding ceremony, PETA sent Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas a video on Twitter to show that animals that are used in ceremonies like weddings are commonly mistreated. Chopra is also under fire on social media for using fireworks in her wedding. She was featured in a video asking people to refrain from using fireworks during Diwali. She did this as a way of asking people to be considerate toward those with asthma.

PETA In India

PETA has been active throughout India recently, though. The organization recently awarded the Delhi Minister of Food Supplies, Imran Hussain, with a recognition for his ban of Chinese kite-thread in products sold, stored, imported or made in the Indian province. Imran Hussain made the ban last summer. He claimed that the products were a danger to wildlife and children at risk of ingesting them. Since the ban, PETA awarded Hussain with the title of “Hero to Animals.”

Monopoly for Millennials was released last month to mixed criticism on social media. The game is now available online at most major retailers like Wal Mart and on the Hasbro website. PETA, however, is obviously in favor of the game.


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