If you have ever wasted dozens of hours (days?) making elaborate homes on The Sims, this new video game that lets you build and run your own museum is likely right up your alley. Mondo Museum, which will be out in 2020, lets players conceptualize, create, and fill their own museum spaces before running them. It’s sort of like Rollercoaster Tycoon, but instead of taking a turn at creating your own version of Disneyland, you can become the ruler of the art world with a virtual museum.

Assuming you’ve ever left the Met once or twice feeling like you could have curated a better exhibit, Mondo Museum will let you put your art curator skills to the test to see if you have what it takes to build a variety of exhibits that draw in audiences of all kinds.

But it isn’t limited to the art world. Players will be able to create their own museums from a variety of categories, from art and historical artifacts to science, history, and innovation. You can create your own museum from scratch, or you can create your own version of famous museum spaces like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or one of the many museum spaces at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

Run Your Own Museum

Not only will you be able to create and curate your own museum space, you’ll be able to run it, too. Mondo Museum lets you manage your museum to earn income. You can put this income directly back into the museum by buying new exhibits and pieces to hang and display within it. If customers like your exhibit, you’ll know. But if your exhibit fails to attract a diverse group of visitors and attendees, you could suffer by not making enough money to maintain your exhibits.

The game requires you to put some thought into your collections. If you fail to create a meaningful exhibit where people enjoy visiting your museum on a regular basis you may find yourself having to move things around. That is to say, you can’t just place a piece of prized art next to a dinosaur skeleton and expect your audiences to rave about the experience. Mondo Museum is about creating a museum experience that your attendees enjoy going to, rather than just having a turn at running your own museum created for you by the game designer.

Mondo Museum is coming in 2010 from Kitfox Games and Viewport Games. The game is already listed on Steam and appears to be created for the computer with accessibility on both Windows and Mac operating systems.