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Monday Motivation: Enjoy the Ride

Monday Motivation here we come! This is for those of you who slog through your Monday mornings. If you lament the end of the weekend and dread returning to the office, you may need our Monday Motivation quick tips. Grit Daily offers an avenue to connect with others like you. We’re here to help get your work week off to a good start. Pump your fists – it’s time for Monday Motivation!

Life is a journey

There have been some tectonic shifts in our culture since we rolled into the current century. Just about every industry has been disrupted and social media now teeters somewhere between the greatest thing since sliced bread and the scourge of society. Along the way, “life is a journey” has morphed into “life is a race” and only those running fast enough will succeed.

But we need to alter this mindset. Every once in awhile, we need to slow down. And then inhale, exhale and pause on our journey to reflect, to enjoy what we’re seeing or doing and to think carefully about what’s next versus speeding ahead. That’s Monday Motivation!

Tips to enjoy the ride

One of the first steps is reframing how you look at your life. View it as a journey, one big (hopefully long and fulfilling) road trip. To make the trip fun, you need to snack on candies and other treats once in a while. But you’re also going to hit speed bumps, have flat tires and run out of gas every once in a while.

Fun Monday Motivation fact – earlier this summer, I dragged my mom on a road trip. I’ve driven by the billboard signs for the Corning Museum of Glass countless times but never wanted to exit the main highway to wind my way through the back roads to get there. Well, I decided it was time to finally check it out. Not only was the museum full of incredible eye candy with its glorious glass architectural elements and sculptures, but the back roads were hilly and beautiful. Plus, it gave me some extra time with my Mom and there’s nothing wasted there.

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