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We didn’t know ‘models on demand’ was a thing until this company came along.

“It started at the bottom” — or in this case with hiring models — at the last minute. But it answered a darker issue that is haunting the fashion industry.

Moda Casting CEO, Victor Teruel, conjured a mobile app intending to solve last-minute booking fails.  He grew tired of the series of back-and-forth quotes and confirmation messages and the expensive pricing of scheduling a model on the same day.  

Moda Casting app is one possible solution for business owners who aim to cut time-consuming processes from their organization to focus on giving experience to their customers.  Aside from hiring a talent, the mobile application takes on the transparency of the pricing for different models. Getting rid of the middleman — which is an agency or a manager — makes it more affordable for clients and more empowering for the talents they hire.

With just a swipe of a finger, business owners can browse then schedule a talent without jumping through hoops to hire their talent.  Moda Casting’s roster ranges from new and upcoming models to talents who have been making the rounds for some time. Its solution benefits both the businesses and the models.  One need only to swipe and choose a category to find a talent that fit an ad campaign, event, or show, there’s no need to do the legwork.

Just a bit more freedom

It turns out that giving models the freedom to schedule themselves sets aside more time to maintain their physical and mental health.

No joke: the fashion industry is ruthless and very competitive. Finding an agency or a manager is difficult. But what makes life more challenging for models is unreliable payment schedules on top of an epidemic of sexual harassment coming from executives — and sometimes their agents.  

Victor and his team claim that they’ll empower models by directly connecting with the businesses who would like to hire them. Their application also allows the talents to get paid on time, accept jobs based on their availability and — most important — protect their privacy and well being.  

Victor claims that companies who sign up with Moda Casting are vetted to avoid endangering the talents. Further, Moda Casting has also cemented a partnership with Project Consent, a campaign aimed to aid programs that combat the rape culture and sexual assault cases against women.

Whether the app gets used or not is a different story.