Sustainable companies often offer expensive solutions to the planet’s plight.

The cost of everyday products are often more expensive than their plastic or smog-inducing counterparts. This creates difficulty for the consumer when deciding whether to switch from their current product to a sustainable one.

Even more difficult is finding a solution for large entities to save energy.

When it comes to energy efficiency, Daniel Badran wants to make the choice easier by easing the financial burden.

Founder and CEO of Minimise, Badran has done just that in buildings across 37 countries.

How it works

They save energy by first taking a look at energy bills from the last 24 months. Afterwords, they install an energy meter to track exactly what uses energy in a space and are able to tell where it is wasted.

They check things like lighting and air-conditioning separately and are able to tell exactly how to optimize the space.

“We begin to see what each one of these breakers is doing and you will know what you are consuming,” he said.

As much as they optimize the space they also train the people in the building to make the most of the system they have set up. Using the data they get from the energy use meter, Minimise shows customers where they can cut energy consumption.

“We’re very technology driven as well as [using] behavior understanding as part of the technology,” he said.

The optimization is efficient as well. The company uses the existing appliances, air conditioning units among other things and figures out how to make those things work best for the space.

If they need to replace something, they choose what will last and produce a good result.

The company guarantees their installations as well, and will fix anything that goes wrong or isn’t efficient.

“We come in using artificial intelligence and we learn these building management systems and we extract the data from them that is needed to create the energy management protocols,” he said.

Cost-wise, Minimise is able to use their technology to calculate the amount of money that the company, school or other entity is going to save. They write their clients a check upfront based on this calculation and then they optimize the house or other building.

This means that the consumer doesn’t have to take on the risk of creating a more energy efficient space in their business.

Making efficiency, efficient

Minimise installs energy efficient technology by making sure the exact amount of solar or other technology that they need via the meter. After assessing the exact types of energy needed the company will make changes to continue to make the space more efficient.

“Each building is bespoke and each building has its own life,” said Badran.

A planet issue

Badran wants Minimise to provide a path for people who maybe don’t want to or are not able to dig too far into their pockets to make their building better for the planet.

“My goal for this company is for more people not to say ‘no’ to doing what is right,” he said.

With all of the issues that our climate is facing, he wants to create a viable way for a larger section of companies and government entities to choose conserve energy.

“We take the fear out of decision-making and the fear is ‘how much is it going to cost,'” said Badran.

Making it happen

The team behind the company is what makes it able to do what many other companies have not been able to do.

Although the team is small, Badran works with employees who are incredibly dedicated, he said.

He is constantly in the process of trying to find more solutions to energy problems.

“We are always, always, always going to be on the look, it is such a vast moving space that you always have to be on the look,” he said.