Midoca Joins Getter On Visceral Tour

Published on March 2, 2019

2018 was a massive year for the Los Angeles-based indie emo-electronica artist, Chaz Treharne, known professionally as Midoca. After earning an album feature on Getter’s album, Visceral, in April of last year, Midoca went on to find success on his own. Shortly after that he signed on with United Talent agency to take his budding music career to new heights. Now, Midoca is gearing up to go on tour with Getter to promote the release of his new EP, “Beautiful Story, Ugly Life,” which is out now on all major streaming platforms.

Musical Style

Touring with Getter may give the impression that Midoca’s music is synonymous with the hard-hitting, genre bending dubstep sounds that shot Getter to the top of the electronic music industry. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, though. Midoca beautifully layers soothing, ambient guitar and synth sounds over somber, pensive vocals to create a moody tone. Midoca’s music isn’t quite electronic dance music. Nevertheless, the soothing synth pop tracks and accompanying vocals evoke a vague sense of catharsis on the listener on tracks like “The Feeling Is Gone” and the EP’s namesake single, “Beautiful Story, Ugly Life” that was recently released.

Of the EP and single, which shares the same name, Midoca says “‘Beautiful Story, Ugly Life’ [the song] is a reflection on what my experience was from giving and receiving love from an addict. In my case, this person was also one of my parents. I used this song and others from the EP to examine the emotional effect this had on my aptitude for love; how close I can get, how much I trust, and the type of person I attach to. I stuck with the phrase “Beautiful Story, Ugly Life” because the subject of the song had been living a life of absolute chaos until later making sense of it all and in a way, I found myself doing the exact same thing but through a different set of parameters within my own life,” he says.

Beautiful Story, Ugly Life

Meanwhile, the EP evokes a similar overall tone throughout its five tracks. Of the EP, Midoca says, “Beautiful Story, Ugly Life’ [the EP] is a brief psychoanalysis of my experience with love. It is a reflection of my behavior from certain events that have lead me to my understanding and capacity of love. This body of work is both a therapy and a catharsis.” Midoca released the EP back in early February in preparation for the Visceral tour with Getter, which begins this weekend.

The Tour

The Visceral tour with Getter kicks off this week and extends into the summer. The tour spans throughout most of the U.S. with a stop in Paris for Lollapalooza this summer. The Visceral live tour brings Getter fans closer to the artists music with a live show to accompany and promote the Visceral album.

Aside from the tour, Midoca is busy at work launching new projects. Midoca: Unplugged is a new project that offers stripped down versions of the artists released works in acoustic form. Meanwhile, Midoca: Unraveled is a video series that takes fans into the background of what inspired the artists music. Both shows are available on Midoca’s YouTube page.

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