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Former First Lady Michelle Obama Is Bringing Her Voice To Spotify by Launching Her Self Titled Podcast

In the midst of the pandemic the news is presenting us with cases spiking yet again and informing the public to wear masks, stay home and if you are out to social distance. Between the hearing that 24/7 and other sad or bad new, we’re all in pretty low spirits. 

Of course, we have things that boost our spirits during these crazy, unpredictable times. The time has come where those spirits are about to be lifted because former First Lady Michelle Obama has a podcast coming to Spotify July 29th. 

Michelle Obama took to social media to announce the news of her new podcast deal with Spotify and honestly, I couldn’t be more excited.

I mean, everything that Michelle Obama has worked on has been nothing but extraordinary, and you can tell that she dedicates herself to her craft. Becoming was such a well written memoir about her experience as our Former First Lady. One of the best reads that I’ve had in a while, along with Maya Angelou’s books, is saying a lot. 

Along with her Netflix documentary, she accomplished a lot while in the White House—like the Let’s Move Campaign, Let Girls Learn, Reach Higher and more. Michelle Obama always gives us nothing but dedication. 

The podcast is a joint project with Spotify and Michelle and Barack’s company called Higher Ground Productions, a company founded and created by the couple.

The podcast will be called the Michelle Obama Podcast and will discuss many different things going on in the world, as well as other topics brought in by Michelle herself. The podcast mission is to engage listeners in personal conversations and that it’s possible, and things can happen if we allow ourselves to open up and be vulnerable and focus our pinpoint on what matters the most. 

Many topics will be discussed in the podcast—from the pandemic to racism to conversations with notable special guests. There will also be a segment featured on the podcast called “deep dives,” where Michele will invite family, friends, and colleagues onto the podcast. 

Don’t forget to mark those calendars, go ahead, hit up Spotify, and follow the podcasts so you can get notified once the podcast goes live. To be honest, I’ve never been more excited about a podcast in my life than I am with this one. I know that whatever goals Michelle has with this podcast will exceed those goals and help to open those new doors. The Michelle Obama Podcast will be available starting Wednesday, July 29 on Spotify.