Meghan Markle Narrates Disney + Nature Documentary

Published on March 26, 2020

Meghan Markle, The Duchess of Sussex, is coming to Disney Plus. On April 3, the Disneynature original movie will start streaming on the platform.

This will be Markle’s first job since she and her husband Prince Harry very publicly separated from the royal family. Markle and her husband will officially step away from their royal duties on March 31, days before the film streams. The news comes months after reports circulated that Markle signed a voiceover deal with Disney.

The Royal Rift

Markle was an American actress starring on the TV show Suits before she married into the royal family. Her foray into royalty has been fraught with unflattering tabloid coverage and brutal media scrutiny. The constant media coverage contributed to the royal couple’s decision to step back from their duties and spend more time in America.


The movie is a nature documentary, and you guessed it, its about elephants. The project is accompanied by donations from Disney and the Disney Conservation Fund to the wildlife charity Elephants Without Borders.

Other Disney Puls Content

The release of Elephant is accompanied by Dolphin Reef. Dolphin Reef is a second Disney nature documentary, also coming to Disney Plus on April 3. This project was announced previously and is narrated by actress Natalie Portman.

Also coming to Disney Plus on April 3 is the Pixar film Onward. Due to theater closures in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Disney is bringing content to its streaming platform a little sooner than planned.

As more Americans and people around the world are stuck at home, its the perfect time to be releasing new content on streaming services. Although like many other streaming services, Disney Plus is reducing bandwidth to prevent a collapse of the internet, its subscriber numbers are steadily rising. Disney Plus sign ups tripled last week when compared to the weeks before.

Disney Plus also just launched in the UK, expanding potential viewership significantly.

Big names like Meghan Markle undoubtedly draw attention to the platform and everyone loves a nice, unproblematic movie about elephants.

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