Inside Edition’s Megan Alexander Releases New Children’s Book; Tells a Story About Unconditional Love

Published on December 9, 2019

Inside Edition’s national correspondent Megan Alexander can now add “author” and “musician” to her byline, as her brand new children’s book, “One More Hug,” has landed at the top of Amazon’s bestselling list. And it’s one story that every mother can relate to — there’s always time for one more hug.

Alexander, recently named as a No. 1 bestselling author on Amazon, shared that the inspiration for the book came from her own children, recalling the many times her son would run back for just “one more hug” before he boarded the school bus in the mornings.

Megan Alexander and family | Source: Adkins Publicity

She learned to embrace his need for comfort after she realized it wouldn’t be long before he wouldn’t need her anymore.

It’s a saying in our household, ‘There’s always time for one more hug’,” Alexander said. “That’s our story- wanting to be there for him as he asks for that reassurance.”

Both the writing and illustrations (courtesy of Hiroe Nakata) work together to tell the story of a young boy’s journey through life.

This timeless tale of love and fear shows children that it’s okay to be afraid. The people who love you will always be there for you when you need it. A brief synopsis:

As a young boy starts his day and his journey through life. A tree branch tapping on a window, a pretend sword breaking in two, the skreeeetch of a school bus door: one more hug by mom is always needed to comfort and reassure a young boy that he has the inner confidence to carry on. As time passes, and he outgrows his childhood fears, he returns the favor by giving his mother one more hug as he goes on his way. This timeless tale of unconditional love and comfort for an anxious young boy as he leaves the nest and starts his journey through life is a perfect story for mothers to share with their sons to show them that it’s okay to have fears and needs—even as they get older—and it’s okay to share those feelings with the people who love them.”

Radio host Delilah commended the book for its powerful message, describing it as a “sweet little picture book chock-full of unconditional love and self-reliance.”

This is the perfect book to share with a child, demonstrating that fears and worries are natural, normal, and ok to talk about. After all, a chat with mom and one more hug solves just about any problem life can throw at you!

With Each Hug, Comes “One More” Song

To go along with her newly released work, Alexander also released a children’s song of the same name, “One More,” to complement the book, which she co-write with country singer and songwriter Lucas Hoge and Michael Hunter Ochs.

The trio released their music video for the book in October, which depicts a two-and-a-half minute clip of Alexander singing to her two young boys. She also incorporated other mothers with their children. The doting lyrics and cutesy video will be sure to make any mom cry.

One more hug. One more kiss. I promise we’ll always have time for this,” Alexander sings reiterating the message of love she so eloquently shares in her new book.

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