Meet the Coolest Startups at Web Summit 2022

By John Biggs John Biggs has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 14, 2022

Web Summit happens but once a year and Grit Daily was on the show floor looking for some of the coolest startups. From Kibus, the Nespresso of dog food, to Automyo, an automation platform, we found some amazing startups and amazing founders.

I hit the show floor to talk to some great people who were in the thick of things in Lisbon and came away with some interesting ideas and amazing startups. Watch the video above or read the machine transcript below.

Machine Generated Transcript

John Biggs: I’m John Biggs with Great Daily. We are here in Lisbon at web summit. This is one of the biggest shows in Europe. They got a little bit of everything. They got startups, they get Blockchain and they’ve got hardware and all kinds of other cool stuff. They’re going to check out right now. What are you guys working

MiFood: on? Our company provides automated and robotic certain services to the agriculture industry. We build robotic solutions for farmers to collect food. So the

John Biggs: robots do what they picked,

MiFood: they collect apples, they collect grapes, and also strawberries. How far along are you were now shipping our robots all over europe and North America. So

John Biggs: it’s called meat food dot es MiFood. Robot would say MiFood. Unfortunately you could do my food. It would be my food like

MiFood: Microsoft. Right?

John Biggs: Can you tell me what you guys are working on?

DataLatte: We enable you to monetize your day Data and earn the money for it. It’s just a contrast to how Web 2 companies earning all the money and we are enabling people to have the data ownership themselves and earn the money themselves. So

John Biggs: what’s the site? It’s called? Data data, right? 

DataLatte: Yeah, we were actually, it’s an allegory. Imagine your data is coffee and only selling the taste of your data, which is espressos, but you put some Latin in it. That’s like, hey, I know it’s complicated. Just forget it. That’s really deep. My team hated this analyst. 

John Biggs: It’s just me, it takes a lot of psychedelics and you’re like that a lot. That’s the one.

FoxyNerds: So um, at Foxy Nerds. We uh we

John Biggs: Nerds, Nerds, Yeah, FoxyNerds dot com

FoxyNerds: Yeah. Dot com. It’s us. We connect high growth companies and technological companies that have a story to tell to annex a system of podcasts to be influenced or major outlets that could help them to amplify the story. So in other words, with your company, you can be in a new podcast in a new webinar life event every week if you want to speak about you what you are doing and how do you create value for your potential customers.

Be Blue Energy: Energy is a company that is dedicated to managing energy and water costs and consumptions. We work with clients, council schools, smart businesses, and private businesses and help clients to reduce their costs and consumption with electricity, water gas consumption

John Biggs: You’re using software to do that or hardware?

Be Blue Energy: Software. We have a platform that allows us to decrease the consumption and costs of our clients.

John Biggs: Want to talk about what you’re working

Sealution: on. Sure, we’re from Sealution and basically, we solve connectivity on board vessels. So the big container ships that you all know completely made from steel. And the problem with that is that it doesn’t allow for any signal to pass through on the vessel. So these days nobody knows what’s actually happening on the ships unless they run down to the machine rooms and actually check what’s going on. But as often way too late. So we solve that problem and we created a way so that the whole ship can be connected and that they can install way more sensors for the ships and have live data so the captain can make better decisions, and avoid disaster. 

John Biggs: What are you guys working on?

Lingvanex: We’re working in machine translation based on artificial intelligence. We can translate 100 languages, text, voice files, and websites with fantastic speed. We can translate one billion characters in one hour for $100. 

John Biggs: com.  And you guys are from Cyprus. That’s pretty cool from Cyprus. Can tell us what you’re working on?

Automyo: Of course, we are working on an automation platform. We want to support companies that need help automating their business processes and we want this thing to be accessible for everyone. So you don’t require any it knowledge, any, any skill in computer science, even meet him. Anyone can automate the workflow and they can use their time in a more efficient way and happier way as well. 

John Biggs: What’s the site called? Automyo?

Automyo: Oh, the roman roman accent to be fair. The platform itself, it’s called Claudio and we chose that name, especially because we come from roman. Claudia is a very common name in Rome. So we wanted it to be something that was italian sounding. It makes sense.

John Biggs: Claudio Tomio. And it could be like, he’s like, he’s like the guy who grows grapes down the street, what’s your

Kibus: project? This is a Nespresso for pet food. It’s the first device that cooks healthy dog food automatically.

John Biggs: Really?

Kibus: So this is the device and it works with our own recipes of dehydrated food. It’s human, right? Meats, fruits, and vegetables. We only take the water out for a longer shelf life. But keeping all the nutrition, from the fresh ingredients cooks it for him.

John Biggs:  …and like he eats it up, warms it up and makes it like,

Kibus: Teah, it’s it’s freshly prepared and warm and as usual, you only need to fill the water tank with water and the food with our recipes once a week. And that’s it. Everything. 

John Biggs: What if you don’t love your dog that much and you want to just give him regular food?

Kibus: You need to love your dog.

By John Biggs John Biggs has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

John Biggs is an Editor at Large at Grit Daily. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Gizmodo, Men's Health, Popular Science, Sync, The Stir, and Grit Daily and he's written multiple books including Black Hat and Bloggers Boot Camp.

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