Meet Quadio: The Social Streaming Platform Connecting Listeners and Artists to Their Local Music Scene

Published on March 30, 2020

Founded back in 2018, the social streaming platform, Quadio, was conceptualized to bridge a connection between listeners and their local artists; encouraging communities to connect with their local music scene by filtering artists per their location. “Down to your college community – Quadio lets you find the next big hit, and it may have been made down the hall.” 

Bridging the gap between listeners and their local music scene

Unless artists have gained serious traction, it’s difficult to tune in to your local music scene. Big streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora don’t offer a way to filter music by location, leaving a disconnect between listeners and local artists. With the music industry being overwhelmingly populated and big-league streaming services lacking a location search filter, Quadio has delivered a quick fix to an otherwise daunting task and bridged the relationship between artist and listener. 

Representation is important to us

It’s a special kind of love that exists between a listener and an artist who represents their streets. Take Pop Smoke for example; born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the tragic and recent passing of the 20-year-old rapper prompted massive crowds lining the streets of Brooklyn, singing along to his songs, cherishing what he meant not only to the world, but to his borough. This kind of connection only really exists between an artist and their community.

Aiding underground artists in an overpopulated industry

Not only does this social streaming platform support local artists and help them find an audience, it allows for artists to connect with other local artists. Collaboration is vital in music production right now. Say you’re making beats in your dorm room one Friday night and you’ve produced something you feel needs to be heard, but you want vocals to layer in— or maybe you’re messing around with your Music Fingers, and you’ve got the drums down, but you can’t quite figure out what your track needs for that extra kick—but the thing is, you don’t know of any producers or vocalists on campus. Quadio welcomes you to build that connection.

You can search by university, state, region or nation; you can filter out skills and even search by what others are looking for. It’s the ultimate matchmaker for musicians looking to link up and collaborate.

The platform allows artists to upload finished tracks or in-progress tracks to invite feedback from their community; this kind of music production workshop feature can curate an intimacy between listeners and artists that you can’t really find elsewhere. 

Based on region, the platform hosts artists of the week, promotes new tracks in your state, new artists from your school, and allows you to scroll through your local community with the option to follow or message others. Quadio paves equal opportunity for artists—whether they’re just starting out or they’ve been at it for years—to make it big.

How do I join?

The Quadio app just launched on Apple’s app store last Thursday and is in the midst of becoming available for Android users, too. With an .edu email, you can also sign up via their site to become part of the community.

Kristen Sallaberry is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in New York, she covers the realm of consumer tech and how these ever-progressing gadgets affect our lives. A creative writer and music-head, she also writes for online music publication, Sound of Boston, where she reviews and premieres new music, and co-writes a hip-hop focused column.

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