Meet Matt Komo, The Guy Behind The Camera On Your Favorite Music Videos

Published on February 28, 2019

After picking up his first camera in 2006, Matt Komo realized that his love for the art would last a lifetime. He later attended Chapman University, getting his degree in film production with an emphasis in cinematography before beginning his career in branded content and marketing with GoPro. Now, the digital strategist and filmmaker has achieved a prolific career at a young age, working for brands most millennial marketers would kill to work for and developing one killer resume.

At GoPro

When Komo started working as the Head of Social Content for GoPro years ago he didn’t expect for it to advance his career in the way that it did. At the time, the camera company only had about 3 million Instagram followers on its page. Content creation was only a growing art at the time, and Komo knew that he would have to leverage its rising popularity in order to grow the brand from an up and coming tech company to the content powerhouse that it is today.

His creative use of color and action allowed GoPro to garner a massive following in just a couple of years. The brand had earned a reputation for bringing its products to life with cleverly executed, vobrant campaigns that embraced active lifestyles and adventure. In no time, GoPro had earned more than 13 million Instagram followers after solidifying itself as one of the founding brands that turned to content creation as a major marketing tool.

Today, dozens of brands mimic the GoPro strategy of content creation for social media as a way to connect with their audiences in a personal way. Taco Bell, for example, grew its social media and digital strategy by connecting with skate communities in California. Red Bull, on the other hand, developed a reputation in action sports and music by integrating digital content from various photographers and content creators around the world.

Komo stayed with GoPro through the launch of some of its most popular products between 2015 and 2018. During this time he also began his career as a freelance filmmaker, taking on several projects across different media platforms. On MTV, Matt Komo contributed his cinematography skills on episodes of Dare To Live that featured artists like Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, and The Chainsmokers.

In The Music Industry

After leaving GoPro, Matt Komo made the jump from corporate content creating into freelance filmmaking. This gave him opportunities to work in the music industry making music videos for some of the hottest electronic artists in the world. Today Komo’s contributions to the music industry include massive videos for songs like “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and other hits like “Jackie Chan” from Tiesto and Post Malone. His career in music video filmmaking garnered massive success—the “Closer” music video earned him a record breaking 2 billion views alone. Some of Komo’s other notable music video work is also with The Chainsmokers for hit songs like “Everybody Hates Me” and “You Owe Me,” for which he was the Director of Photography and Pre-production Producer, respectively.

Today, Komo is hard at work creating digital content for massive brands like MVMT, a high-end watch company known for its contemporary styles and top of the line digital media campaigns. The campaign, “WHAT IF YOU ONLY HAD ONE DAY” earned Komo over 100,000 views on YouTube. The video carries the viewer through a vivid adventure through California to highlight how Komo aims to make the most of every day in his MVMT watch. Check it out below.


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