Meet Choupette; Fashion’s Richest Cat

Published on February 21, 2019

Any avid follower of the fashion industry is well aware of Choupette, Karl Lagerfelds famed cat with its own Instagram following in the 200k range. Lagerfelds beloved cat is a local celebrity in the fashion industry and has been the subject of more than a few of Lagerfeld’s inspirations. When Lagerfeld passed away earlier this week, people began to speculate where his $200 million fortune would end up. Allegedly, it may go to his cat, at least in some part. Lagerfeld has been known to refer to Choupette as an heiress in the past. Now, with his will coming to light, we will find out if she’s set to inheret the fortune on her own.

Chanel released a statement Tuesday morning to confirm the death of its lead designer, Karl Lagerfeld. The designer reportedly became ill after taking some time off tue to being “tired” according to the company. Lagerfeld was notably missing from recent Chanel events in the last month or so. The 85-year-old designer had been working for decades up until then, and had finally agreed to take a break. Finally, he checked into a Paris hospital on Monday night after falling ill. By Tuesday morning, the designer had passed away.

Choupette’s Famous Dad

The fashion industry—and world—reacted with shock and mourning in the wake of the designers death. Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of Vogue and Creative Director of its publishing house, Conde Nast, released a statement on the Vogue website to commemorate the loss of her iconic colleague. Others weren’t as sympathetic, as a wave of outcry criticized the late designer for his often controversial comments on women, religion and class. Regardless, there is no denying that Lagerfeld played a major hand in molding modern fashion into what it is today. The designer had been the head of Chanel and Fendi in his final years. Lagerfeld maintains an iconic legacy in the wake of his sudden death.

Choupette’s Fortune

Prior to Lagerfeld’s death it was no secret that the designer had a special love for his cat, Choupette. The designer had been quoted in various interviews saying that his cat was an heiress. If you can understand French, this 2015 interview discusses Choupette’s lavish future. NBC reports that  in the interview Lagerfeld mentioned that whoever ends up with Choupette would be well taken care of if something were to happen to him. That was already a given, though, since Choupette has her own fortune to speak of.

Choupette Lagerfeld has reportedly earned her own net worth of about $3 million from modeling gigs in her lifetime. She’s one of the most famous cats—if not the most famous cat in the fashion industry. She’s even got her own staff. Lagerfeld reportedly hired a team to take care of her full-time. The details of Lagerfeld’s will have not officially been released. However, reports suggest that Choupette is set to recieve a portion of the fortune.

If Lagerfeld did, indeed, leave everything to Choupette, it would be the most predictable thing to happen in fashion since Miranda Priestly was presented with floral designs for spring.


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