As usual, this story broke on Twitter — but for unknown reasons the Tweet has not been deleted — as users and patrons in Japan tweeted some eye-catching imagery of McDonald’s new McFizz cups. So this new fizzy and sparkly drink surely intends to cool you down but something potentially fiery will happen once you finish the drink and take a peek. đŸ‘€

What are you doing, McDonald’s?

Okay that’s awfully suggestive — is it not? Those pixelated McDonald’s logos are not actually on the cup, someone added those to the image to possibly spoof how Japanese porn pixelates men’s genitalia (don’t ask me why, not my area of expertise). But like anything out there nowadays we must take it with a grain of salt and we must investigate what is really happening here with these new McFizz cups. Do you think that this could this be some perverted corporate joke or is this simply an illusion being perpetrated by the monstrous media?

By looks of McDonald’s Japan’s Twitter feed it appears that this was not the intended angle and depiction of these McFizz cups:

Okay so it’s supposed to be a boy and girl kissing… But c’mon, does McDonald’s really want us to think that at no point during planning, production or advertising that no one was like hmm wait a minute? What makes things a bit more confusing is that the advertisement seen above from McDonald’s Japan appears to show two separate cups where each cup has either a girl or a boy on it which is contrary to the cups seen in the further above image which shows that there is a girl and a boy on either side of the cup however at the end of the advert the empty cup does indeed show both the boy and girl on the same cup kissing.

Is this just how we “earn” media these days?

Either way as a marketer I think it is genius to have some silly miscommunications like these because they will only lead to free press (what we call earned media). When my fellow social media users find ways to either surface or actually create controversy it often will help help brands get their new promotions out further and wider than they expected. So kudos to McDonald’s Japan and Twitter for exposing just how perverted we are.