Maxim Barskiy – Biography of a Businessman and Investor

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Published on June 25, 2022

Maxim Barskiy is an investment banker and an experienced M&A specialist. He has extensive experience and talent in company reorganization and streamlining to help enterprises reach their maximum potential and value.

Childhood and Education

Barskiy Maxim was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg). Barskiy Maxim earned a diploma in accounting upon graduating from the local Technical School of Textile and Light Industry. Barskiy Maxim Gennadievich studied with tutors while preparing to enter Leningrad State University (now St. Petersburg State University). Once he entered Leningrad State, he studied economic theory and the field of Political Economy.

Maxim Gennadievich Barskiy also studied abroad in Norway and the United States. Upon return to his home country, Barskiy Maxim Gennadievich defended his diploma as a teacher of economic theory and political economy.

The Professional’s Career

After his graduation, Barskiy Maxim became a trader at Troika Dialog, a company that created the infrastructure of the Russian investment market.

Six months later, Barskiy Maxim Gennadievich was promoted and became head of the department responsible for investment banking.

Barskiy Maxim closed several important deals. With his participation, the St. Petersburg brewery Bochkarev was successfully sold to Heineken, the beer manufacturer from Holland.

At the end of the summer of 2000, he left Troika Dialog.

The next place of work for Maxim Gennadievich Barskiy was Cityline, one of the first major Internet providers in the Russian Federation. Here, the young but already experienced manager took the post of Director of Corporate Development. Having bought part of the company’s shares with partners, he attracted significant financial resources and directed them to regional development.

Under his leadership, the capitalization of the business reached $27 million.

Barskiy Maxim: Early Activities in the Oil and Gas Sector

Starting in 2004, Barskiy Maxim Gennadievich worked at Vostok Oil Ltd, where he became CEO a few months later (during this period, the structure changed its name to West Siberian Resources).

First, he made both personnel and Board changes. On his initiative, several inefficient foreign leaders left the Board of Directors and other areas within the company’s management structure. Then he began to improve the business management model.

Under Barskiy Maxim, WSR acquired oil fields in Pechora and the Samara region. Over the next four years, production figures increased from 50 thousand to 3.5 million tons.

In 2007, Repsol, one of Spain’s largest oil companies, purchased a ten percent stake in WSR. In a single year, Maxim Barskiy built an effective management model.

In April 2008, WSR and Alliance Oil Company, which owns the Khabarovsk oil refinery, merged into an independent vertically integrated company, retaining the name Alliance Oil. At the end of the summer of that year, the top manager sold his shares and left WSR / Alliance Oil. During his tenure, capitalization grew exponentially, from $60 million to $4.5 billion in four years.

In 2009, TNK-BP shareholders invited Maxim Barskiy to join the company’s board. He was Executive Vice President for the first six months, responsible for strategic business development. Then, for six months, he completed an internship at the head office, where he studied the principles and processes of managing an international oil company.

In June 2010, he took a specially created post of Deputy General Director (Chairman of the Board) of TNK-BP. Maxim Barskiy significantly reformed business processes. He also made changes that affected agreements between the co-owners of TNK-BP. Capitalization tripled in two years – from 20 to 60 billion dollars thanks to these and other steps.

In 2011, he left TNK-BP.

Maxim Barskiy: The Way to Matra

In April of the following year, Barskiy Maxim Gennadievich acquired a 30% stake in Matra Petroleum, a U.K.-owned public oil and gas company. A month later, Mr. Barskiy, now a highly experienced manager, took over as Matra’s CEO.

In 2013, Matra sold its Russian assets and bought oil and gas-producing companies in Texas. This was because Barskiy perceived Matra’s Russian assets as a bad value. According to Maxim Barskiy, if the market evaluates a business as worth more than its actual value, one must get rid of it and “look for something undervalued.”

Maxim Barskiy

When oil prices plummeted in 2014, the company entrusted to him fell into a difficult financial situation. Maxim Barskiy did everything he could to save Matra from bankruptcy, but the general market collapse proved to have done too much damage. The company’s assets, including Maxim’s own shares, still went to creditors.

In 2016, he joined Delivery Hero’s Board of Directors. Delivery Hero is an international Internet-using food delivery service. He prepared the company for its IPO, doubling its value.

Maxim Barskiy and Sibanthracite: Two Years Making a Black Diamond

From 2018 to 2020, Maxim Gennadyevich Barskiy served as CEO of the Sibanthracite Group. He was invited to this position by its owner, Dmitry Bosov. Mr. Bosov set goals for his new manager: to combine all assets into one holding, build an effective management system and increase the company’s capitalization.

Under Maxim Barskiy’s leadership, Sibanthracite became a world-class company. When Mr. Barskiy joined Sibanthracite, it was disorganized, holding three disparately managed coal fields that did not coordinate with one another or the company.

A well-formed business development model allowed Maxim Barskiy to transform Sibanthracite into the global leader in the metallurgical coal market.

In the first year of Maxim Barskiy’s work with Sibanthracite, the EBITDA was $750 million. In 2020, amid a series of restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, it fell to $300 million. But the very next year, capitalization reached $930 million, and in 2022 – 1.5 billion dollars.

Sibanthracite now controls enormous reserves – over 460 million tons of anthracite and coal, according to JORC classification. It is the number one source of metallurgical grade anthracite coal in the world, and its anthracite is the highest quality in the world. For Maxim Barskiy, transforming this coal mining business into the success it is now was an exhilarating time.

After Mr. Bosov’s death, Maxim Barskiy took up the preparation of a leveraged buyout of the company. Later a strategic investor took ownership of Sibanthracite. However, it remained autonomous, with no disruption in its now-effective management and business processes.

During the entire process of the leveraged buyout, not a single contract was delayed or lost; all contracts were fulfilled.

Maxim Barskiy – Life Today

Today Maxim Gennadyevich Barskiy invests in innovative projects and companies that work in high technologies and, most notably, artificial intelligence.

Personal Life and Hobbies of Barskiy Maxim Gennadievich

In Barskiy Maxim’s school years, he was fond of sports: he professionally engaged in wrestling. He also played association football (soccer) and basketball.

In his free time, he reads books. Among the favorite works of Maxim Barskiy are One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Master and Margarita, Dead Souls, and The Brothers Karamazov.

The business leader is married. Maxim Gennadievich Barskiy has three children.

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