Apple To Make Big Reveal At March 25 Apple Event

Published on February 18, 2019

Over the years Apple has earned a reputation for teasing its products well before the keynote speech that releases all of the details. This time around, things are no different. The Cupertino company is hard at work teasing its new products and services. Rumored updates to products like AirPods and a possible new iPad are likely to be announced. That is, unless the company decides to wait until the fall to release new hardware. Regardless, Apple is set to announce new subscription services that will rival companies like Netflix and other media sources.


The rumored AirPods 2 have been buzzing around the internet for a couple of days now. The company has hinted at features like a hands-free “hey siri” option for the bluetooth headphones. Apple is also reportedly working on improvements to the hardware that will make them harder to slip out of your ears, as well as added biometric and health features that the first generation didn’t have.

Finally, one of the more exciting rumors swirling around the updated AirPods is that Apple will be releasing a wireless charging holder, in addition to a new color option—black. The latest rumors surrounding the new product claims that we shouldn’t get too excited, since Apple may not announce the product until its autumn keynote event—or later.

Forbes has predicted that Apple will announce some new hardware at the March 25 Apple event, but it may not be AirPods. Analysts have predicted that Apple may be brewing up a new iPad and plans to announce it in the spring. Other reports from Forbes have said that the spring event will bring with it something “unlike anything Apple has had in recent memory,” which could mean—well, anything.


Perhaps the biggest rumor to be swirling the web is that Apple plans on releasing a new collection of subscription services to its users. These subscription services will rival companies like Netflix and other media outlets that provide a stream of media in exchange for a monthly fee. Analysts have noted that Apple has began migrating away from hardware innovation and into service and software innovation.

We’ve seen this mostly in its advancements to things like iCloud, Apple Music, and the app store. A subscription service would be the likely next step on this path, as it would bring Apple into the competition field with services like Netflix Prime TV, and Hulu. However, with Disney releasing its own subscription service in the near future and Netflix, Prime TV, and Hulu migrating toward original content, it’s hard to say whether the market wants, or needs, another subscription service.

Nevertheless, Apple seems confident that its new subscription services will eliminate the need for cable TV. Rumors that Apple will bundle together music, TV, and news could how the company plans on drawing people into another subscription. With Apple Music already at a low monthly price, it could be likely that users opt-in to another service purely out of convenience.


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