Stream It While You Can: ‘Man Seeking Woman’

Published on April 13, 2020

We all failed Man Seeking Woman. The Lorne Michaels-produced and Simon Rich-created comedy remains to this day a hidden gem. Perhaps the title was off-putting to too many people, but they missed out on a show far more nuanced, imaginative, and hilarious than the title suggests. Man Seeking Woman is a beautiful, surrealist comedy that is always one click away to stream. Stream it while you can, people. 

A Bit of Walter Mitty and Terry Gilliam

Man Seeking Woman mixes ridiculousness and honesty just right. It’s not an easy show to pitch to somebody in one sentence; people have to see it for themselves. Maybe that’s why it only lasted three seasons on FX and averaged below 400,000 viewers an episode. Throughout the series, 27-year-old Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) experiences the highs and lows of dating, relationships, and friendships. 

Man Seeking Woman isn’t just a comedy, it’s a fantasy. Possibly inspired by Walter Mitty, Josh experiences fantastical sequences that represent whatever he’s feeling or seeing. When he wishes he could go back in the past and change a relationship? He finds pills at a convenience store to do just that. When he’s at a wedding and seated next to his ex and her new SO? The wedding takes place in hell. It’s all wonderfully imaginative, based on a book from creator Simon Rich. 

Pure Imagination 

Man Seeking Woman is such an imaginative series. As someone who recently binge-watched all three seasons, I was overjoyed by all the insane practical effects they managed to produce. There are so many beautifully done creatures, monsters, and other amazing sight gags. The fantasy is usually a perfect representation of a thrill or speed bump in a relationship, romantic or not, but looks fantastic as well. 

Even without the fantasy elements, Man Seeking Woman would entertain. We all know these characters and their conflicts, especially people in their 20s. It’s a show that strongly resonates with the 20s and single crowd, for good reason. It vocalizes and visualizes so many thoughts and feelings that people all over the world could relate to in some shape or form. Rich’s show puts feelings into words and images that couldn’t be more spot on. 

Keeps Things Honest 

Man Seeking Woman is outlandish, but it’s also truthful and honest. There are so many moments during the show in which you think, “That is the perfect way to sum that up.” The characters say exactly what many of us have all felt or thought at one time or another. The show is so right even when Josh Greenberg is so wrong. 

Man Seeking Woman would be a perfect show to watch for people in their late teens or early 20s starting to get into the dating world. It’s loaded with sage advice that some people would be better off knowing, especially at a younger age. There’s wisdom to go along with all the silliness in Man Seeking Woman

A Beautiful Ending

The FX series, which has a few familiar faces from The Kids in the Hall, could’ve gone on for years. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Josh living the married life or starting a family. So many other stories could’ve been told in this world, but the stories we got were good enough and the series ends on a high note. 

Although the comedy was cancelled, it has a proper, exceptionally feel-good ending. While Man Seeking Woman does depict the rough patches of singlehood and relationships, it’s always such a loving show. It’s genuinely romantic, shows the undying love between ride-or-die best friends, and roots for Josh and everyone on the show to find love. In addition to being gut-bustingly hilarious and wildly imaginative, Man Seeking Woman just feels fantastic to binge. Get lost in this world and feel all the love. 

Man Seeking Woman is available to stream on Hulu or available to purchase on Amazon. 

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