The Man Behind HG Contemporary: New York’s One Of A Kind Art Gallery

Published on January 3, 2020

One thing that New York has always been known for is its rich art culture. With an array of visual artists, taggers, and designers, gallerist Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim is making sure the hottest artists have a place for their works to live with his latest project, HG Contemporary. Having built a reputation for himself as one of the premiere gallerists coming out of New York, Hoerle-Guggenheim is well-known for cultivating artist showcases worldwide that create a memorable experience for anyone in attendance. With a sharp eye for groundbreaking visual aesthetic, he is leaving a lasting impact on the art community. Safe to say he is following the footsteps of the Guggenheims, art pioneers and founders of the legendary Guggenheim museums.

As the founder of HG Contemporary, a global fine art gallery located in the United States (New York & Napa Valley) and Europe (Madrid), Hoerle-Guggenheim is bridging his love for art, entrepreneurship and curation. Founded in 2013, HG Contemporary allows him to work closely with some of the art world’s brightest rising artists. The gallery enables Hoerle-Guggenheim to give back by creating a platform for promising up and comers to showcase their works.

Speaking of giving back, one thing that is very important to this New York native is service. He has partnered with various incredible non-profit institutions and organizations, including the influential The Bowery Mission.

When asked where his love for art stems from, he responded “My love for art was passed on to me by my grandmother and my mother. Both avid collectors, they instilled in me great admiration for the old masters, endless curiosity for the new and an insatiable appetite for the treasure hunt. Our house was always open to artists. There were visits to painters studios, trips to museums and constant art talk at the dinner table.” It’s evident that growing up in a contemporary, art-driven household allowed Hoerle-Guggenheim to appreciate the power of visual creation from a very young age.

Using his extensive experience in the art community, Hoerle-Guggenheim constantly seeks to elevate his brand to the next level. Currently, HG Contemporary’s roster boasts established artists Kevin Abosch, Mehwish Iqbal, Jan Larsen, Paolo Pelosini, Karen Shahverdyan, and Philip Tsiaras. When asked about some of the artists on the rise, he replied, “One that might be on your radar is the exceptionally talented Retna, who gained popularity after designing the artwork for a Justin Bieber album cover.”

All of these works can be found on the official HG Contemporary website.

With 2020 underway, you can expect to see HG Contemporary in art fairs worldwide. Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim is a household name that will continue to shake up the art world in major ways. Be sure to stay up to date with him by following the gallery on social media here.

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