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Published on March 9, 2020

MaleRoom is a new brand featuring content by men for women to get inside the mind of the opposite sex by going straight to the source with the latest episode below. Think of it as a modern day “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” where we discuss everything from relationships, text translating and elusive tribal knowledge. The format is a video series, podcast, text hotline and ‘MaleRoom Live” events throughout New York. 

Guests are various types of men—from celebrities, influencers and everyday guys who join a roundtable with a female host to get to the bottom of this mystery together.

We focus on both entertaining and educating through candid conversations, revolving guests, and rogue reporting.  Guests will be various types of men including celebrities, influencers and everyday guys who will provide various perspectives on our interactive roundtable. 

What we’re not is claiming to have all the answers, we’re just as confused as everyone else and taking you along for the ride!  This series is hosted and created by Mindie Kaplan (formerly of the Sun Times) who is definitely not a dating expert. She’s a “selectively unattached” Tech Entrepreneur who is playing the field herself…all in the name of market research.  She asks the questions that we all want to know while putting the guys in the hot seat!

Host Mindie Kaplan (formerly of the Chicago Sun Times) wanted to bring her conversations about dating with her guy friends to life.  Men are seemingly simple creatures and that’s why their advice is so crucial, yet entertaining.

In this episode:

Three very different guys walk into a room, Carl Radke of Bravo’s Summer House & Investor, Emerson Taymor the serial entrepreneur and actor Trevor Van Uden.

Carl joined Bravo’s Summer House as an original cast member in 2017 and has become the Co-Founder of Loverboy Sparkling Hard Tea with other cast members Kyle Cooke & Amanda Batula which is rapidly growing into new markets and now available in Whole Foods.

Carl joined Bravo’s Summer House as an original cast member in 2017 and now has a budding business in Loverboy, a Sparking Hard Tea company with Co-Founder Kyle Cooke. Although the Loverboy intake on the show can be high, could Carl be ready to settle down?  

Carl tells us what he wants as a 34 year old, self-proclaimed, retired player. He’s been on the NY dating scene for a bit & has a unique perspective on anything from expectations to good old fashioned communication, “if you’re into a girl, pick up the phone, call her.” 

Emerson Taymor, 32, and founder of Proper Wild energy drink, is slightly conflicted about relationships. He has equal interest in both serious commitment and playing the field.  He’s a serial entrepreneur who recently sold his tech company, Philosophie. Emerson explains the struggle of dating as a startup guy and trying to hit that dating/work balance. His love languages range from acts of service and words of affirmation and in courting he’s a fan “of being part of the chase, while still [sic] being responsive.”

Trevor Van Uden, an Actor & Model, is the somewhat romantic type, who prefers weekend hikes over the dim of the New York bar scene. If he asks you out it’s because he genuinely wants to get to know who you are and he is so not opposed to you approaching him and initiating. He likes a lady with a plan and intention. 

Misconceptions of the “Male Species”

With variety being the spice of life and the best way to divulge a range of male perspectives, we learn all about the male species with some epic takeaways: (1) Sundays are typically considered “courtesy dates.” OUCH, (2) If a guy is serious about you, he will offer alternative dates in the case of cancellation, (3) Communication around expectations is a must, especially when it comes to the implications once things get physical.   

We begin by digging into our topic of Episode 1, “Miss Communications,” which explores common miscommunications and includes the reading aloud and dissection of texts; followed by our fieldwork on the streets of New York, hosted by Anita Mann; and we finish up with “Just the Tips,” where guests provide their small gems of wisdom.

As for market research in the field, Anita Mann asks; “What’s something that every woman should know?” One compelling answer was “When guys[sic] say we don’t know…we really do know, we just might not know how to say it”, mystery solved! Another big takeaway; answer that text you received within 24 hours! Sounds like we should play hard to get, but, not…got it.

In the last segment, “Just the Tips”, Trevor discusses why it’s so important to be yourself. While Emerson expounds on sex on the first date; it’s not a deal breaker. And Carl nails what sex too early means to him, “You know what? Like you’re a babe, I’m vibing with you, we’ve had a fun couple of dates, we’ve had sex… But I also didn’t sign up for this next stage of something that you were looking for, that I didn’t know you wanted, and here we are now. But you’re mad because it didn’t go past that,” Going straight to the source has its benefits, check out the episode here for more tribal knowledge: 

Mindie Kaplan is a Columnist at Grit Daily. She is the founder of MaleRoom, a media brand featuring content by men for women, including an interactive video series, text hotline, podcast and 'MaleRoom Live" events.  Guests include celebrities, influencers and everyday guys who will join a roundtable with a female host.

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