Beyond Jobs: How Mackin Talent Staffing Agency Shapes the Candidate Lifecycle

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on August 24, 2023

Mackin Talent does much more than place employees in jobs. 

In the same vein, the staffing agency cannot in any way be called a “temp agency.”

Mackin is an international staffing company offering contingent workforce solutions. But Mackin doesn’t view the people it places in contingent roles as resources. The firm sees them as valued employees. And that starts with valuing them as candidates.

“The candidate lifecycle, in essence, is that journey that the candidate takes from the moment they hear about your company, or hear about an open role, right through to the application process, the interview process, right up to the point of being hired,” said Mackin Global Chief Operations Officer Fiona Donnelly. 

“It’s that journey that the candidate takes— all the touch points that they come through, during that journey. And that’s an important part of the employer brand of a client. It’s vital that their candidate journey is optimized and is as positive as possible.”

Driving the candidate lifecycle at Mackin is one specific core value. 

“We always try and lead with our core values, and our core value is, ‘relationships matter,’” Fiona said. “By ensuring that we stick to our values, the knock on effect, if you like, is that the candidate experience is enhanced, and that’s very important to us. Making sure the candidate journey is positive feeds into their experience and our reputation is enhanced.”

A positive candidate lifecycle makes for a stronger onboarding process because it encourages confidence and competence. 

“It has a very strong effect on both the candidate and on Mackin,” Fiona said. “It’s a bit of a win-win situation. Ultimately, you have a happy candidate who hopefully gets hired. You have a happy client, who is happy that they got the candidate through.”

Clear goals and touchstones are critical to the process and play pivotal roles in the success of linking the right employee candidate with the right employer-client. 

“It’s important that we identify that candidate roadmap from the very outset,” Fiona said. 

“We try to anticipate how a candidate would feel from that initial touch point, which might be one of our adverts on Even from that point, we must make sure that the advert is crafted in the best way possible, so that their initial feeling when they read something that we put up is positive, right through to interactions on the phone or through email. And as part of our own brand, if you like, as an agency, it’s important that we understand the trajectory of the candidate roadmap, not just for us, but also for the client, because the client is involved in that candidate journey as well.”

Placing a strong emphasis on the candidate lifecycle is just one way in which Mackin Talent differentiates itself from the competition. 

Additional ways include:

  • Health, Dental and Vision Benefits. Every employee has access to the same benefits. 
  • 401(k): The nature of contingent employment means there is no vesting schedule and Mackin makes 4% matching contributions. 
  • Paid Time Off: Mackin’s contingent workers can receive up to 20 days of PTO; plus they get 11 holidays and separate sick time in addition to the PTO.
  • Volunteer Time: Mackin offers up to eight hours of volunteer pay annually. 

Visit the company’s website to learn more.

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Greg Grzesiak is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Columnist at Grit Daily. As CEO of Grzesiak Growth LLC, Greg dedicates his time to helping CEOs influencers and entrepreneurs make the appearances that will grow their following in their reach globally. Over the years he has built strong partnerships with high profile educators and influencers in Youtube and traditional finance space. Greg is a University of Florida graduate with years of experience in marketing and journalism.

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