LUXnow is Shaking Up the Luxury Marketplace

Published on March 21, 2020

The luxury market is a particularly difficult niche to make your mark in. In many instances, consumers of luxury goods rely on brand names when deciding how to use their purchasing power. With that being said, a good idea always has the opportunity to shake things up. A new startup is looking to do just that by addressing a gaping hole in the luxury marketplace. LUXnow is taking the success of peer-to-peer marketplace and is introducing an app to the elite that caters to all of their needs.

We were fortunate to speak with LUXnow CEO, Matt Sweetwood, about everything the app has to offer, the mindset of luxury consumers and what is next for LUXnow. When the COVID-19 scare finally blows over and we are all done social distancing, be sure to treat yourself to the vacation you deserve with LUXnow.

“We Provide Convenient and Easy Access to Luxury”

LUXnow is a unique concept in the world of apps, something that is hard to do. While other apps like Uber and Airbnb have created the culture in which LUXnow can thrive, there is no one else in the market who caters to their demographic. Airbnb has normalized the concept of vacationing in someone else’s home, LUXnow has created an avenue to elevate that holiday.

Screenshot of LUXnow

The app itself is highly intuitive. After downloading LUXnow and logging in with my Facebook account — users can also use a Google account for a quick log-in, or create their own account — I decided to browse the listings in both mine and LUXnow’s hometown of South Florida.

Screenshots of LUXnow

I then swiped from section to section and took a look at the various listings of luxury cars, yachts, and homes. The choices at my fingertips were breathtaking. I felt as though I was on a mobile version of Fantasy Island. I asked Matt Sweetwood if the goal of the app was to help fulfill fantasies, to which he replied:

“Half of what we do is cater to fantasy and escapism: renting a Lamborghini to younger people who can afford it for a weekend. The other half is lifestyle maintenance. [Those customers] are enjoying a comfortable lifestyle and want to maintain that when they travel … We are selling a luxury experience and that is the heart of it. In my mind, fantasy is a very high level. What we offer is a chance to enjoy luxury in an attainable and easy way.”

An App Born in the Home of Luxury

Miami has long been home to visions of beauty and luxury. It has also been the fastest growing city in the Gig Economy marketplace. It is fitting that South Florida would be home to an app like LUXnow.

Sweetwood acknowledged this by saying “Miami is the city of luxury. The place where people come to experience exotic luxury autos, fine homes and fine dining … People come to Miami to elevate their lifestyle. They are looking for something to feel good about. Las Vegas has a very particular kind of atmosphere, whereas Miami is all about luxury and beauty. We provide exactly the kind of experience that people want to have when they come here.”

He is exactly right. The exotic car rental business has been a staple of the South Florida economy for many years and Airbnbs in the area do particularly well, especially during Art Basel and Miami Music Week. Those types of annual events, as well as big weekends like the Super Bowl, are massive money-makers for South Florida. The event business goes hand in hand with luxury; those events are in the area because of Miami’s reputation for glamour. Sweetwood and the team at LUXnow are very aware of that demand and cater to it.


LUXnow started by serving Miami, Los Angeles and the New York tri-state area. The success that they have had has allowed them to expand in the US to Aspen, Colorado, and internationally to idyllic destinations like the Bahamas and Mykonos, Greece.

LUXnow is also doing something very exciting and taking their services to Havana, Cuba. There are very few offerings for Americans traveling to Cuba and LUXnow will greatly help those looking to travel to the island and experience a luxury vacation.

The app is picking up steam very quickly considering they only just launched this year. Expect for them to continue their growth with the over $3 billion of luxury goods they offer access to in destination cities across the world. You can download LUXnow for iOS or Android, take a closer look at what they offer and start planning your fantasy vacation.

Justin Shamlou is a Senior Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in Miami, he covers international news, consumer brands, tech, art/entertainment, and events. Justin started his career covering the electronic music industry, working as the Miami correspondent for Magnetic Mag and US Editor for Data Transmission.

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