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Luxlock Offers High-End Personal Shopping Online

As retail is finding a new home online, so is the idea of having a personal shopper. Luxlock gives individuals and brands the opportunity to work with a personal shopper through the internet.

For brands selling clothes, it’s no secret that personalized attention makes a client’s experience. It’s been tough few years for retailers who relied on physical stores and sales teams to work with clients and sell clothes. Now, technology gives companies a new opportunity to offer advice and help their clients find the right outfit. Luxlock is at the forefront of that technology, developing a way for companies to be able to offer their clients more than just a click-and-pick experience.

You can also use Luxlock’s personal shopping assistant for yourself. Use Luxlock’s live-style chat to find the perfect outfit. Just register, and you’ll have access to a personal stylist at all of the brands working with Luxlock. You’ll get outfit suggestions, you can ask questions about fit and style, and totally renew the way you’ve been shopping for clothes online.

The idea is simple: people want that easy, Amazon-like shopping experience, but want that with high-end brands and retailers. Luxlock was created to bridge that gap. Figuring this was the way individuals will shop in the future, CEO Casey Golden and her team set up Luxlock as a platform that will stick around for decades, as retail finds the best ways to operate in the internet-age.

As brands move online, companies are finding creative ways to expand their services. Luxlock is focused on bringing the customer service back to high-end retail.