Lucas Kiely, Founder of Yield App: Why Structured Products Are Coming To Crypto

By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on January 26, 2023

Welcome to The Grit Daily Podcast with your host Sebastian Rusk, where we explore the behind-the-scenes of startups and their founders. Today’s guest is Lucas Kiely, an entrepreneur and founder of Lucas began his career as a banker before creating the fintech company Mobilical., his current venture, is a digital asset wealth management company that offers investment, wealth management services, and a gap-bridging solution for where traditional banking or private wealth cannot. The company is also building for a more robust regulatory framework for a variety of people including family offices, individuals, and high-net-worth individuals. Sebastian encourages startup founders to “back yourself” when it comes to raising money, as most companies fail. So if failure is imminent, it’s best to fail fast.

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Topics Discussed and Key Points:

●Wealth Management Services Offered by

●Trust and Financial Security for Wealthy Individuals

●The Challenges of Raising Capital for Start-up Companies

●The Power of Believing in Yourself and Your Dreams


[00:00:28] Introducing Lucas Kiely

[00:03:54] The venture

[00:07:45] Wealth & Financial Security

[00:11:21] Raising Capital for Start-ups

[00:14:34] Betting on Yourself

Notable Quotes

“Don’t let time take away your dreams. You’ve got an idea, just back yourself.”

“The hardest thing for anyone to do is raise capital. Most startup companies actually fail. And failing I think Peter Thiel said it best is if you’re gonna fail, fail fast.”,

“I discovered the internet as we now sort of live our daily lives through in ‘95 as an undergraduate at Oxford as a biochemistry major. And I don’t really have much fun with Biochemistry. I got completely addicted to, you know, messing around on the web.”

“In sales, what you wanna do is get to the next stage. So think about it like dating, you know, Can I get your phone number? Can I meet you for a coffee? There’s a process, a journey that you go on. But it’s the same thing as selling yourself.”


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By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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