Why Loba Is So Critical to Wellness and Disease Management

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 13, 2024

Today, sales of the Canadian company’s wellness product and platform are predominantly funneling in from the US market, with an anticipated heavy uptick in 2024 — and for good reason.

Let’s cut to the chase. Wellness is sexy, but when it comes to pill organization, the traditional methods fall flat. In fact, most pill organizers are far from appealing and often miss the mark in meeting users’ needs, leaving a significant portion of the population out of the equation. Today, half of the population under 35 has a chronic illness, according to the CDC. One in eight people deal with mental health challenges, and one in six women struggle with fertility worldwide. 

In addition, a whopping $50 billion is spent on supplements annually in North America alone, and thirty percent of those 20 – 59 years old take supplements at least twice a day. Despite the unmet needs of this enormous market, no one has reinvented the mundane organizer to solve their pain points — until Loba

Loba has reinvented pill management with its Smart Supplement Organizer and App, all while broadening its focus on wellness. From the health chic to the serious, Loba is designed to meet diverse needs. 

There’s been a missed opportunity to use the power of tech to solve the pain points of both consumers and their health practitioners, and there’s certainly no shortage of demand for pill management systems, but nobody wants to use a plastic organizer that screams “illness.”

Many Need But Forget to Take Vitamins

While vitamins don’t replace a healthy diet, deficiencies are incredibly common today and are most often a result of stress, dietary choices, or living in a place that doesn’t get a lot of sun year-round. The top four most common deficiencies are Vitamin D, B6, B12, and Folic Acid. According to Loba’s internal data, the top 10 most used supplements by Loba users are as follows (with Vitamin D taking the top spot):

Each year, the term “pill organizer” is searched on Google over 1.2 million times. This in itself makes the case for a modern-day version of your old-school pill boxes, but it’s not enough just to make them beautiful — that’s why Loba is powered by smart technology. 

Loba’s Technology

Consistency is key. Just as you can’t go to the gym one time and expect to emerge from a single workout with a six-pack, the same is true for adhering to a pill and supplement plan. Health practitioners and physicians know that patients must stick with a program for weeks and months in order to improve health outcomes.

Both Loba’s Smart Supplement Organizer and the App were designed using healthy habit-forming principles of psychology to support users in being consistent over a period of time where they can see improvements in their health. 

All you have to do in the App is:

  • Set your schedule. 
  • Add when you want to take your pills.
  • Add a reminder for when to organize for the week ahead, and once you’re done, you’ll receive notifications to help make caring for yourself a ritual. 
  • Plus, you can track your history to see how consistent you’ve been over the weeks and months of your program. 

If you need proof that it works, well, we snagged this testimonial from the many positive reviews Loba users have left on their website:


“I am a chronically ill person and this has made the biggest difference in my life. I love the sleek look of the pill organizer, the push notifications, and the light reminding me as well to take my pills. The best invention and well worth the money…Thank you Loba!”

Kate Bouchard: The Brains Behind the Future of Health and Wellness

Loba is a female-founded Canadian company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kate is steadfast in her mission to innovate health and wellness by taking pill and supplement management from routine to ritual. She has meticulously enhanced both functionality and aesthetics with smart technology, providing everyone the chance to embrace their wellness journey. Today, most of the company’s sales come from the US market with a user base that continues to grow.

Next, Loba is integrating tools and SaaS for health practitioners to solve pain points to help support their patients in achieving the best health outcomes possible.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Spencer Hulse is the Editorial Director at Grit Daily. He is responsible for overseeing other editors and writers, day-to-day operations, and covering breaking news.

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