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He’s an Inspirational Serial Entrepreneur and a Founder’s Best Friend

Sam Kamani and his effervescent personality have sparked tens of thousands of founders. How? They’ve all read his book, “The 30 Day Startup.” His second book, “Business in the Time of Corona,” was recently released and offers insights on the value of pivoting with guidance as to when and how to best do so. That kind of advice is critical for founders who are typically not flush with cash and often naive about what’s involved, “The biggest disconnect is that founders start with an idea for a solution but the most successful founders start with a problem to solve. All founders get so fixated and have tunnel vision on their own product that they forget about the problem they need to solve,” says Kamani.

He continued, “You don’t have to build something fancy, you just have to test your idea out.” Each year, more than 1 million tech startups are launched. But the failure rates are abysmal at 92%.

He’s a serial entrepreneur with a couple of exits behind him, with his venture in gaming and eSports being the most successful. Kamani has taken what he’s learned and packaged it into two new ventures. One is around developing MVP (Minimal Viable Product) software for tech startups and the other is gamifying finances. You’ll often find him behind his microphone hosting the popular, “Want Money Got Money” podcast which emphasizes the importance of using other people’s money to advance new ideas.

Like a Boss podcast

But he’s not always the host of a podcast. Earlier this week, he was the guest on our Like a Boss podcast. You can find our podcast anywhere content is streamed like on Apple, Spotify and more.

“Founders don’t understand that it is a MINIMUM viable product, not a ‘maximum.'”

~Sam Kamani
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