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Is There a Queen Bee in Your Office?

Meet Robin Rotenberg, attorney, communications manager, author and ex-pat Canuck that’s made New Jersey, home. Her upcoming book, “Pound On!! From the Glass Slipper to the Glass Ceiling” deals with the office antics and phenomenon that is observed more often on the East Coast than on the West Coast. Rotenberg opined, “There has been a Queen Bee in every office that I’ve ever worked. There is always some woman who makes a point of not helping others.”

Make your own rules!

Robin Rotenberg, author

Indeed, she elaborated further on the Grit Daily Like a Boss podcast, sharing some of her experiences in this regard as well as highlighting which parts of pivoting from a career in corporate were the hardest to manage. “I wish I had known what was involved. It looks so easy to have an idea and it takes a while and there is so much involved from setting up your company to marketing it. It’s all the trappings of running a business and having to do everything yourself.”

When asked to reflect back on her past, Rotenberg shared a sentiment that is common to at least half of the guests that have appeared on the podcast. “Even though I wasn’t as intentional as I could have been, I wouldn’t change my past.” Tune in below …

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