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Meet An Investor Who Makes Big Bets

Grit Daily News had the opportunity to feature Mary D’Onofrio, Vice President at Bessemer Venture Partners, arguably the oldest venture capital firm in the country, as a guest on our podcast. D’Onofrio is an experienced investor making big bets on SaaS and cloud computing technology companies. She sits on six boards and is focused on high-growth late stage (Series B and beyond) companies.

Like a Boss podcast

When you make bets as big as she does, you have to seek out opportunities and white space so that you’re not betting the same way that everyone else in the market is. She shared tremendous advice on our podcast for the next generation of women in tech. One of her comments was particularly illuminating: “You make money as an investor when you’re contrarian in your opinions but you’re right.”

Listen to her snappy insights on our Like a Boss podcast here.

“Venture is a lot about making decisions and putting the capital to work, thereafter the longer term engagement is the board relationship. Being on the board is probably the most rewarding part of the job.”

Mary D’Onofrio

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