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Bootstrapped to Millions: a Female Founder in Rarified Air

Meet Mae Karwowski, the female founder of, one of the most successful agencies behind the field of influencer marketing. She’s bootstrapped her company, crediting a lean budget mentality for helping her make “smarter decisions.” As a female founder and one of the more successful women in tech, her tremendous business growth year after year and recent celebration of her 7th anniversary in business puts her in rarified air.

Leadership is all about being authentic.

~Mae Karwowski, founder of

When asked what her competitive advantage was, she thoughtfully replied, “We’ve been in the space so long that we have a really good understanding of the space and how it’s changing. We’ve worked with over 100K influencers so we have a ton of data which gives us a huge edge.” The conversation continued on our Like a Boss podcast where she offered the next generation of women in tech some tips on how to be better prepared for the joys – and perils – of working in the fast-paced and highly competitive startup industry. In response to the question about her leadership, she had only this to say, “I stay humble: I know when I don’t know something and need to bring in an expert. People appreciate that. Facing challenges head-on and with transparency make you a much better leader.”

Like a Boss Podcast
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