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Jennifer Mercer: Today’s Guest on Like a Boss

Each week, Grit Daily News features an insightful guest on our Women-in-Tech Like a Boss podcast, hosted by Loralyn Mears, PhD. Jennifer Mercer, a serial entrepreneur, female founder and woman in tech, highlights her journey in tech. She raised $23 million for Dream Factory, which she successfully exited in 2018 and shares the lessons she learned regarding scaling too fast and equity dilution.

Her current venture, Metazoa, is a leading app on the platform designed to manage change and release of complex data. Jennifer shared her experiences riding the highs and lows of entrepreneurialism. She’s an inspiration to all women in tech and offered tips for the next generation of female founders. Jennifer closed our podcast with wisdom and hope: “I don’t want my daughter to have to choose between following her passion and being a mom – I feel as women we can have it all.”

Tune in here to listen to Jennifer’s snappy insights on this week’s episode of Like a Boss.

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