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Accents Be Gone With This Revolutionary VoiceTech

Accents are part of the magic that make each of us unique and most of us find them endearing. However, according to Ganna Tymko, founder of the exciting new startup, Sayso (formerly known as Claraphone), “Accents can slow down communication and hold back business.” So Tymko and her team have developed “real-time accent clarifying software [which] preserves your voice while converting your accent, so your speech sounds clear and natural.” You don’t have to change your accent – but you now can – if you want to. Tymko and her team have built revolutionary software that enables doing so.

This isn’t the first time that Tymo has been featured on Grit Daily News. One year ago, we shared one of the first articles featuring this up and coming tech star. Since we first interviewed her, Tymko has won a pitch contest, grown her company, solved challenging tech problems and is currently in the midst of a capital fundraising round. She is both resilient and determined.

My early years were difficult: I had to move out on my own at 17 so I had to figure everything out. I don’t regret my past. When I look back, I appreciate all the experiences I had. One thing I would change is being less harsh on myself.

Ganna Tymko, founder Sayso

Ganna Tymko is a brilliant, young entrepreneur who has chosen to meet HardTech and VoiceTech – head on. The company’s software miraculously adjusts accents in real time to foster improved communication. Doing so is a challenging feat for tech – doing so in real time adds an extra dimension of complexity. That’s why they call it HardTech! Artificial intelligence is at the core of their tech.

We are training our smart technology to understand a variety of dictionaries including slang and colloquialisms. When in doubt, the technology will leave a particular word or phrase intact.

Ganna Tymko, founder Sayso

Catch more of Tymko’s insights as she shares her journey and tips for the next generation of women in tech on our Grit Daily Like a Boss podcast. You can find it HERE or stream it below.

Author’s note: I first met Ganna at a fundraising masterclass that I was facilitating and it was a real pleasure to host her as a guest on our podcast.

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