Lewis Brice Talks About the Meaning of Being “Blessed” In Latest Single

Published on January 15, 2019

As the holidays have come to an end, families are still traveling across the world to be with one another. Whether it’s this past holiday season, or those to come, it’s important to remember the value of “family”, not the value of trinkets.

Country music artist, Lewis Brice, brother to Lee Brice, recently released his latest single, “Blessed”, a collaboration with his brother, as a touching testament to gratitude, as a reminder of the importance of family in times of need.

Photo Credit: Chase Lauer for Pump House Music

Parade.com exclusively premiered a special acoustic version of the single featuring his brother, Lee Brice. The video of the brothers’ performance was shot on Lee’s bus in Arlington, Texas before a show they played together.

GritDaily recently spoke with Brice about his recently released single and how it came together.

“’Blessed’ is a family song to me, and came to be when I was experienced what it was like to be away from my family for the first time for Thanksgiving,” Brice told us.

“I realized that having my family all still here and healthy, I was just absolutely blessed to still have them around. Being able to capture the moment of singing a song about our family, together made total sense to me.”

Keeping the Glass Half Full
Photo Credit: Chase Lauer for Pump House Music

Brice, a “glass half full kind of guy”, wanted to share his words of wisdom to fans:

“I realized that a lot of times, things could be way worse than they are currently, and so far, I’ve been very blessed to not have experienced too many traumatic experiences in my life. Family is a strong thing and I’ve been very fortunate to have that family support system behind me every step of the way, since the beginning. I think with this song, it’s a good message to be out right now for people.”

Brice’s ultimate vision is that listeners will have a peace of mind when hearing the tune.

“I think this has the ability to provide listeners with a peace of mind, regardless of what they are going through—good or bad; they can listen to this and recognize that everything is going to be okay.”

A Family of Tunes


We asked the country artist how he got his start, which we learned came from his Mom:

“It all goes back to my parents—my mom grew up singing in a group with her sisters. Her maiden name was Lewis, so they called themselves ‘The Lewis Sisters’. Throughout the years, my mom met my Dad and they got together. They taught him how to sing and he became an incredible singer. My brother and I grew up in Church singing, and from there, we both got guitars and took our route. Around 23 years old, I moved to Nashville and became more inundated with music and my groove, and began writing more. Eventually, it became my passion and I really stepped up my game.”

Brice attributes his success to having a very strong support system since he started. “I have been extremely fortunate to have the support system and the love for this. I am able to bring a smile to someone’s face, if they need it. Today, you need to put real songs out there about real people.”

As for Brice and his brother, Lee, they continue to bounce ideas off each other, supporting new tunes the other is working on.

“I respect his opinion a lot, as he’s been in this business for a while,” said Brice. “At the same time, I enjoy learning on my own and taking my own wraps. It’s a fun business and I enjoy the challenges along the way, because you never know what’s going to pop up next.”

At the end of our conversation, we wanted to know who has the country artist’s attention:

“Right now, one of my favorites is Dierks Bentley—I very much enjoy his live shows and his music.”

To purchase and/or stream Brice’s latest single, please click here.

Andrew "Drew" Rossow is a former contract editor at Grit Daily.

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