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Let’s Hope LG’s ‘SnowWhite,’ the Ice Cream of Dreams, Comes to CES 2020

If LG’s ‘SnowWhite’ is anywhere near its booth at CES 2020 next week, it will definitely top last year’s introduction of the company’s automated HomeBrew machine.

Plus, with all the running around going on, it’s not a bad idea for LG to be handing out free samples of ice cream either.

As for ‘SnowWhite,’ it’s practically LG’s Keurig for ice cream. First introduced at SXSW 2019 last year, ‘SnowWhite’ is an instant soft-serve machine that works using a touch-screen and a system of pods, much like a Keurig coffee machine. That means that in a matter of moments, you will have delicious ice cream at home without having to leave your house.

Image Credit: LG

However, much to the stomach’s delight, ‘SnowWhite’ was a prototype and not working model. Disappointing, yet, extremely exciting for what’s to come (hopefully this year).

It Starts With a Craving

We’ve all been there before. You’re just going about your day and all of a sudden, it hits you — this insatiable desire for the refreshing taste of a frozen ice cream treat.

So, what do you do?

You open up your freezer, and no luck. You just ran out of ice cream last night. You head over to your local McDonald’s and what do they say 95% of the time?

“Sorry, the ice cream machine is broken”.


Now you’re in a dilemma. No ice cream at home, and now even the fine folks at McDonald’s have let you down. Luckily, the South Korean electronics company may have the solution to your problem, assuming it has a working model they choose to unveil at this year’s CES.

How It Works

The machine requires two pods: a flavor pod (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc), and a base pod that specifies whether you want ice cream, gelato, custard and much more. That’s right.

LG isn’t just stopping at ice cream, they’ve made sure they’ve covered all of their bases. Once you’ve inserted both pods, the machine will scan, mix and freeze the ingredients, dispensing fresh, delicious ice cream in a matter of minutes.

I Want One. Where Do I Get Mine?

Yeah…not yet.

The ‘SnowWhite’ is unfortunately still in the research phase and the model at SXSW was a prototype.

LG claims that we can expect it on shelves sometime in the future, but for right now, all we can do is dream that it comes to Las Vegas next week for CES 2020.

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