Lej Bursts onto the Scene with a New Power Suit

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 21, 2021

Fashion Brand Introduces Silk Sets and Separates Featuring Limited-Edition Prints by Emerging Artists

Lej, the luxury silk fashion brand, makes its debut by introducing a collection of silk separates featuring uniquely designed prints by up-and-coming artists. The female-led company releases small, limited-edition collections of high-quality silk staples that can be worn as separates or mixed and matched for the ultimate power suit. Each piece in the collection has the versatility to take you from the office to a night out and back to the couch. Created with comfort in mind, Lej designs separates made with 100% silk, a natural fabric that is easy to care for and better for your skin and the planet than many common synthetics.

We all want to feel and look our best, whether it’s pitching an idea at work or lounging. Lej is for both,” said Sophia Dearborne, Lej’s CCO. “Lej offers a new kind of power suit for modern life that isn’t restrictive or stuffy. Our sets are chic and sophisticated but have the comfort of your favorite PJs.”

The brand creates timeless fashion pieces that endure changing trends. Working with artists to create custom prints, Lej infuses its silk clothing with extra meaning.

“Lej is inspired by those who are bold and unapologetically themselves,” said Cassidy Cavanah, CEO of Lej “Even our name is a nod to the types of people who inspire us –the people who make you think ‘what a legend’. Each piece is designed with that spirit in mind.”

The prints include bold graphics, unexpected colors, and truly exceptional styles.

“We collaborate with emerging artists to design limited-run prints to make our pieces more meaningful and to showcase the work of some incredible artists, “said Ms. Cavanah. “The way we see it: you’re already a work of art, now your clothing can be too.”

The inaugural Lej collection is designed in collaboration with its first featured artist Mirjam Debets, an Amsterdam-based illustrator and animator with fantastical, eclectic perspective; Sakura Bready, an LA-based designer who works extensively in creating prints, and Michelle Nguyen, a Bay Area-based who created the Lej Logo print.

Lej is planet-friendly and uses natural silk fibers that are biodegradable, renewable, and use less resources and chemicals than many synthetic fibers. Lej also uses eco-friendly packaging and can be easily hand-washed instead of dry-cleaned. To dramatically reduce fabric waste, a major problem in the industry, the fashion brand creates additional products like masks and scrunchies from their excess fabric. Lej also only produces small runs of its collections to minimize risk of over-production and promotes purchasing high quality pieces that are designed to last a lifetime over fast-fashion.


Lej makes high-quality, high-impact silk sets and separates as well as tailored, luxury essentials. The female founders created the brand with the goal of providing a new type of power suit that can easily transition from work to travel to a night out or even for lounging at home. Each limited-edition design has been custom made for the brand through a collaboration with emerging artists. For more information visit www.Lejshop.com or follow Lej on Instagram @LEJ

By Peter Page Peter Page has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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