Learn Photoshop While You Social Distance with GoSkills

Published on July 16, 2020

With the second wave of COVID-19 hitting the country, we’re entering another period of quarantine; which means you’re probably delaying the classes you’ve been waiting to sign up for yet again. But with our confining circumstances, some companies are trying to evolve with the times–companies like GoSkills.

GoSkills Makes Remote Learning Possible

If you’re looking to learn Photoshop from the ground up, and to do it from the safety of your own home, GoSkills is offering a course that can meet both of these needs. GoSkills is an online learning company that offers a multitude of online courses ranging in business-related topics, taught by top industry experts. From Excel and Project Management to Design and Coding, GoSkills will help you advance your knowledge in any area.

What do they offer?

GoSkills offers premium video tutorials, courses taught by award-winning instructors, unlimited tests and quizzes, and personalized learning so that you can move at your own pace. They even offer certifications, so you can build your resume with the knowledge you’ve acquired along the way. GoSkills regularly updates their content to keep you up-to-date on the current techniques and tools being used by industry professionals at this very moment. And for those who are constantly on-the-go, GoSkills is also offering mobile learning.

Photoshop for Beginners is one of the many courses offered over at GoSkills, but right now, they’re offering a great deal. This course is for beginners who are looking to get a basic understanding of Photoshop through 58 engaging lessons. Lessons will focus on basic techniques like layering and clipping masks, removing backgrounds, creating custom shapes and more. For those who are already familiar with Photoshop but just need a refresher, GoSkills also offers an advanced course. By taking this course, you can get certified in one of the most prominent softwares to date. 

If you’re interested in signing up for this course or learning more about what courses GoSkills has in store, you can do so here.

Kristen Sallaberry is a Staff Writer at Grit Daily. Based in New York, she covers the realm of consumer tech and how these ever-progressing gadgets affect our lives. A creative writer and music-head, she also writes for online music publication, Sound of Boston, where she reviews and premieres new music, and co-writes a hip-hop focused column.

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