Lavall Chichester: The Self-Made Innovator Elevating Digital Marketing

By Brianna Ruelas Brianna Ruelas has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 5, 2024

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, innovation and adaptability are key. Lavall Chichester, a self-taught entrepreneur, martial artist, and SEO innovator, exemplifies these qualities, carving a unique path that has revolutionized the industry. His journey from the streets of Brooklyn to the forefront of digital marketing is a story of resilience, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to making a positive impact.

Born in Guyana and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Lavall’s story begins with his relocation to the United States at the age of four. His early aspirations of becoming an author led him to pursue a major in English at Brooklyn College. However, it was his entrepreneurial spirit, honed alongside his brother Lamont Chichester, that led to the co-founding of Growth Skills. Lavall’s journey is not just one of business acumen but also of personal growth. His achievements in martial arts, holding a second-degree Black Belt in Hapkido and excelling as a bare-knuckle karate champion, imbued him with focus, discipline, and humility — qualities that have been instrumental in his professional endeavors.

Lavall’s venture into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) began nearly two decades ago, spurred by a desire to navigate budget constraints in website development. Recognizing the potential of SEO to generate organic traffic, leads, and revenue, he harnessed this knowledge to propel Growth Skills to new heights. His innovative approach has not only enhanced the online presence of notable clients, including Apple, Simply Business, and Kaiser Permanente, but also earned him a spot on AdAge’s 40 under 40 list in 2015.

Driven by a mission to share his strategies for success, Lavall has been instrumental in teaching clients worldwide, empowering them to scale their businesses effectively. Under his leadership, Growth Skills has launched initiatives like FlavorFix, catering to cannabis, CBD, and alcohol brands, and UrbanIncome, aimed at enhancing financial literacy among minorities and underserved communities. Perhaps most notably, SpreadLove, the non-profit arm of Growth Skills, showcases Lavall’s commitment to using digital platforms for a positive impact, combating online hate with messages of hope and inspiration.

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve, Lavall remains at the cutting edge, leveraging AI to optimize client websites in the face of Google’s introduction of AI-powered Generative Search Experience (SGE). With plans for strategic global expansion, including new presences in Sofia, Bulgaria, Mexico City, and Miami, Growth Skills is poised to maintain its leadership position in the industry.

Growth Skills’ commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, with accolades including finalist positions at the U.S Search Awards and recognition from Search Engine Land. These acknowledgments underscore the company’s innovative approach to SEO and digital marketing.

Lavall’s contributions extend beyond the business world, with investments in the cultural landscape, such as supporting breakdancing’s inclusion in the 2024 Olympics. His dedication to the mission of further exemplifies his belief in the power of digital platforms to foster community and combat hate.

Lavall Chichester’s multifaceted journey as an entrepreneur, martial artist, and digital marketing maven continues to inspire and influence the digital marketing industry. His story is a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and a deep-seated commitment to impacting the world positively.

By Brianna Ruelas Brianna Ruelas has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Brianna Ruelas is a Dallas-based account executive and news desk editor at Grit Daily. She is also a motivational speaker and singer, creative cultivator, and bestselling author. Reach her at [email protected].

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