Meet Lanmodo, The Night Vision System Preventing Car Accidents

Published on April 24, 2019

Whether you’re a skilled driver, or just starting out on the road, it’s no secret that driving at night comes along with some added risks. That’s where Lanmodo’s Night Vision System comes in. Essentially, it’s like a second set of eyes on the road for any licensed driver, and above all, it can be lifesaving.

Why should driving at night be a concern?

According to the National Safety Council: “Shorter days, fatigue, compromised night vision, rush hour and impaired drivers all contribute to making driving at night more dangerous than any other time of day.” Add to that rainy or snowy weather, slippery roads, nighttime fog and heavy rain, and you’ve got a mix of what could potentially be a recipe for disaster.

What about built-in features already being installed in cars?

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to upgrade her car — boasting the latest and greatest safety tech systems each year. Additionally, these products are optional, meaning they are made available to be chosen by the car buyer at the time of a car purchase, so they are not really included as part of the vehicle. Another thing to keep in mind is that equipment like this is not budget-friendly, and can cost thousands of dollars.

36° Vision, Night View Distance up to 300m/984ft.
Both for existing night-vision systems and new systems

Lanmodo’s current night-vision system addition and the new night-vision system offer a waterproof, 1080P, full-color high resolution image. It reflect the “real situation” with 36° wide-angle vision, night view distance up to 300 meters, a better night-driving experience than an in-built night vision system. It’s damn good for various driver-unfriendly situations.

With Lanmodo’s night-vision system you get a 1080p high-resolution image of people, animals and things ahead of you. The 8.2”screen-size is big enough to allow you to see everything that your eyes might fail to see while driving in the dark.

The IPS screen is friendly to the eyes and offers the best color and viewing angles. Another quality that distinguishes Lanmodo from all the other systems out there is the enhanced and much more useful full-color display that adds richness to the images and easily distinguishes the people and things that you see.

An upgrade for the new version, Lanmodo Vast Pro, includes a touch screen, 1080P night rear view camera (the current version is 720P), and it is both a night-vision system and outdoor, night camera with a recording function.

A screen-capture function and WiFi connection makes it easy to transfer images and videos right to your phone and share them with friends and family on social media. It also provides a front and rear view that can be displayed on the screen simultaneously.

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