Landon Stone Reveals the Unbeatable Value of Going Beyond in Real Estate

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on January 2, 2024

It’s no longer enough to buy one property and sit on it. In the dynamic world of real estate, navigating the trials and tribulations requires insight beyond the traditional transaction-based approach. Likewise, real estate agents in North Carolina are adapting to provide more services at their client’s fingertips.

Enter Landon Stone. As the Founder and Operating Partner at BORO Realty Group powered by PLACE in North Carolina, he brings forth a unique vision that transcends conventional norms. He’s a real estate agent in North Carolina, yes, but he’s also a real estate coach and luminary of the industry.

Amid unpredictable trends, Landon Stone’s transformative insights have benefitted ambitious individuals and aspiring real estate agents seeking to stay ahead of the curve. Now, he lifts the lid on how always looking for new avenues kept his journey in a perpetual forward motion.


Breaking boundaries

The Founder’s journey in real estate spans over six years, commencing with a departure from a childhood dream of becoming an attorney. This shift led to the establishment of a conglomerate encompassing real estate sales, investments, general contracting/project management, and high-performance coaching.

Put simply, Landon Stone is a real estate agent in North Carolina who became a real estate coach and everything in between. But more developments were to come, as they often have in his career so far.

In 2023, the disruptor expanded his portfolio with a property management company, signaling a strategic move beyond Greensboro. Subsequent rebranding to BEYOND Real Estate suggests a forward-thinking approach that aims to extend client experiences beyond transactions, emphasizing a broader spectrum of real estate services.


Holistic harmony

At the core of Landon Stone’s philosophy is the mantra ‘Learn, focus, grow,’ underscored by the belief that success results from continuous learning multiplied by focused efforts. This approach has led to remarkable year-over-year growth, a testament to the real estate coach’s commitment to personal and professional development.

“Influenced profoundly by Jesse Itzler’s philosophy that ‘more is not better, better is better’ and his advice to ‘bring the soul’ in all facets of life, I have redefined my approach to leadership and entrepreneurship,” he explains. “This mindset underpins my mission to inspire others to craft lives they can be proud of, measured not only by financial achievements but by their impact on family, friends, community, and beyond.”


Innovation illuminated

Thus, Landon Stone envisions his role beyond that of a conventional real estate agent in North Carolina. He doesn’t fit solely into the real estate coach category either.

His conception revolves around helping individuals build and maintain wealth through real estate, starting with homeownership and extending to broader investment and career goals. Recognition as a Local Rising Star in 2022 and the acquisition of rental properties highlight the tangible results of this holistic approach.

Moreover, The Braylee Rose Foundation, created in response to personal experiences, further underscores the Founder’s commitment to making a meaningful impact in the community. This non-profit initiative aims to assist families in focusing on what matters to them in challenging circumstances.


Wealth-creating wisdom

You can hand over a checklist to a real estate agent in North Carolina and say, ‘There you go.’ But a little knowledge of your own goes a long way. The Operating Partner outlines the best way to channel your expectations into productivity: “Embrace change and focus beyond your current circumstances on your preferred outcome.”

“Value partnerships and foster collaboration,” he adds. “The right team you build or surround yourself with is like rocket fuel for your dreams.”

“Doing business alone is lonely. Find people that align with your values and vision and go further, faster, and together.”

Tying a ribbon around all of Landon’s wisdom is the necessity of self-care. The real estate coach believes investing in oneself is vital for growth, especially when you have set your sights further than you previously thought possible. Putting it all into practice should place your new prosperous future in motion, regardless of whether you own one property or twenty.

Landon Stone and BEYOND Real Estate aim to redefine standards as the real estate industry approaches a new horizon. In 2023, BEYOND Real Estate is expanding services to new markets in North Carolina, signaling a strategic move that aligns with their commitment to innovation.

Whether mentoring aspiring leaders as a real estate coach or shaping the industry’s future as an entrepreneur, its Founder’s innovation, holistic strategies, and client-centric values give him a claim to be the best real estate agent in North Carolina.

For high net-worth individuals seeking their fortune in real estate and ambitious agents aiming for success, insights from Landon Stone provide a glimpse into the future of real estate—one that extends far beyond the traditional transaction-based paradigm.

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Vivienne Benitz is a featured columnist at Grit Daily. She is originally from Germany and is a publicist at an international PR agency based in the United States.

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