Lana Del Rey’s New Spoken Word Album Will Pay Heartwarming Homage to Native Americans

Published on December 21, 2019

In a video statement posted to Instagram earlier this week, music artist Lana Del Rey announced that she will be releasing a spoken word poetry album, due out for release on January 4.

This album will be different than what we usually see from Del Rey. Forget the “dreamy indie-pop” we all know and love, and instead breathe in an entirely new genre of musical composition, with Del Rey experimenting with “spoken word poetry.”

Native American Inspiration

The album also has a very different and heartwarming inspiration.

Del Rey wrote the album to “pay homage to the country” that she loves “through a reparative act.” She is working with various organizations for various Native American causes. She will release more details on the specific organizations as they emerge.  

The album will be priced at around a dollar because according to Del Rey,  thoughts and words are priceless and “meant to be shared.” Half of the proceeds will go to Native American organizations throughout the country.

The poetry album is going to have a gritty and unpolished vibe, inspired by her journey to discover her roots and the roots of America.

All of this is very unusual for the music industry. Lana Del Rey is using her platform to do something new and different to benefit her fans and the Native American community as a whole, something that should be commended.
The Music Video

In addition to the spoken word album, Del Rey also released a three-song music video for her songs “Norman F***ing Rockwell”, “Bartender” and “Happiness is a Butterfly.”

The video, clocking in at 14 minutes, is pure retro magic. It looks like the 60s’ summertime home video overlaid with Del Rey’s seductive voice.

The video is romantic and nostalgic all at once, fitting perfectly with Lana Del Rey’s famous aesthetic. It’s long but worth watching, especially if you’re missing the summer sun and simpler times.

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