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A 'Labyrinth' Sequel is Happening

Labyrinth is an ‘80s classic. Jim Henson’s movie gave us nightmares and dreams, mostly involving the prince of cool and space, David Bowie. Bowie is masterful in the film in a role perfectly suited to his grand presence and style. The rest of the fantasy movie around Bowie is equally dazzling with its beautiful puppetry, dark and rich themes, and incredible environments. Soon enough, we may return to Jim Henson’s tactile world with a sequel.

Labyrinth Sequel 

Scott Derrickson has signed up to direct the long-awaited sequel in Labyrinth, which has been in the works for years. Derrickson — who’s a favorite in the film twitter community — is the director behind Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and Doctor Strange. The filmmaker was going to direct the sequel to Doctor Strange next, but he split with Marvel over creative differences. Now, he’s found a sequel suited to his style.

A Good Choice

Derrickson, first and foremost, is a horror director. It’s where he got his start as a director, and it’s where he thrives as a director. He knows how to create a mood, how to craft a good scare, and get strong performances. All traits needed for the world of Labyrinth, which is almost as much of a horror movie as a fantasy film. 34 years later after its theatrical release, the Jim Henson movie remains a creepy piece of gothic storytelling. 

Who Could Play Jareth the Goblin King?

A big question revolving around the sequel is, who would play Jareth the Goblin King? Would they even try to recapture any of the magic of that role created by Bowie? It’s such a big ask of any actor. Nobody could touch Bowie’s work, but there are a few musicians/actors that could maybe create a similar sense of fantasy and glamour. For the Goblin King, maybe St. Vincent, Harry Styles, or Janelle Monae could do the role justice? Few people on this planet have Bowie’s charisma and magnetism, if any, so good luck to anyone who has to fill his shoes in a Labyrinth sequel.

What is the Sequel About?

For the last six years or so, Tristar has been trying to make a sequel to Labyrinth. There was a completed script at one point and a director attached, but it never came to pass. Filmmaker Fede Alvarez (Don’t Breathe) called the sequel a “director continuation,” but never revealed more than that. Would Jennifer Connelly return? Last year, she said she wasn’t even aware of a Labyrinth sequel. Worth mentioning: Connelly and Derrickson have a history together. Derrickson directed Connelly in The Day the Earth Stood Still remake. Maybe they could reunite for Labyrinth 2

The Beauty of Labyrinth 

Labyrinth is both timeless and of its time. It has an ‘80s mood, aesthetic, and style, but it’s all otherworldly and palpable enough to stand the test of time. Henson’s movie is just as beautiful today, if not more so, than it was in the ‘80s. It’s a kids movie unafraid to frighten kids. Labyrinth is a bold piece of fantasy with such a lush, believable world, not to mention great performances from Connelly, Bowie, and others. It’s an incredible world that we’re not opposed to returning to in a Scott Derrickson-directed sequel, especially if Connelly returns to her old role. 

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