Kroger Says Fake News Regarding Free Grocery Giveaway on Christmas

Published on December 25, 2019

In case you were one of those heading to Kroger today for its “mass giveaway of groceries…for free,” don’t bother because it’s fake news.

On Christmas Eve, Kroger tweeted out that any Facebook posts promising a year’s worth of groceries to four “lucky” families are fake and to not share the deception any further.

“This is a fake Kroger Facebook page,” the company wrote in response to a customer’s question. “We are aware of this fraudulent page and are working to address this matter. We recommend not engaging with the posting, and we appreciate your patronage.”

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In a series of fake posts, one of them has been shared over 2,600 times and has almost 1,500 comments from people who apparently really need that prize.

So what’s the lesson here people?

Again, don’t believe everything you read or see on the Internet. But you better believe this article because we would never lie to you.

A Christmas Eve Nightmare: Paying With Cash

But what is real was the Christmas Eve nightmare nationwide, where thousands of Kroger customers who were anxiously buying last-minute holiday dinner supplies, were faced with long-lines after the grocer’s credit-and-debit-card machines went down, forcing customers across the company’s 4,000 nationwide stores to pay cash.

Kroger confirmed the inconvenience around 2 p.m.

Our EBT system was down for a short period of time,” the Cincinnati-based retailer said. “It is now fixed and working properly.”

Some Kroger locations may be open today, but please check your local store hours, as they do vary. Happy Holidays!

Andrew "Drew" Rossow is a former contract editor at Grit Daily.

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