Kim Kardashian Partners With Lyft To Benefit Former Inmates

Published on June 15, 2019

Few glow ups have been as surprising as Kim Kardashians—and we’re not talking about how she went from working as an assistant to being one of the most successful women in the entire entertainment industry. Kardashian recently announced that she plans to follow in her fathers steps and become a lawyer. One of the issues she has been most focused on? Helping former inmates adjust to the real world after incarceration. Additionally, Kardashian has also helped free at least 17 inmates from prison since January.

Kim’s White House Visit This Week

Kardashian spoke at The White House on Thursday to announce a new partnership with President Trump and Lyft that would directly benefit former inmates. The second-change hiring initiative program is part of President Trump’s focus on helping nonviolent former inmates adjust to normal life after prison. President Trump has been working with Kardashian for some time now on prison reform. Trumps First Step act was the (for lack of a better term) first step in the process of prison reform. The Act helped offer education and resources to formerly incarcerated inmates. However, it was limited to those that were put away on nonviolent drug charges.

“Everyone wants the community to be safe, and the more opportunity we have and that they have and the support that we help give them, the safer everyone will be,” said Kardashian at the White House. “Since the passage of the First Step Act in December, I’ve been speaking with people coming home from prison and learning about the challenges they are facing,” Kardashian said in a Tweet on the same day. “While I have been able to offer support to some of the individuals I have met, the obstacles to success are an everyday struggle for thousands and more needs to be done,” she said in another Tweet.

Lyft Partnership

“Proud to partner on this initiative with @Lyft, a company with a history of taking bold action to do what’s right for our community. Thank you for providing ride share credits to formally incarcerated people when they come home,” Kardashian wrote on her Twitter account. Neither Kardashian nor President Trump gave details about the new program with Lyft. However, they have clarified that it will offer free rides to things like job interviews and educational resources as a way of helping them adjust to their new lives.

Kardashian has been hard at work over the last couple of months working to become a lawyer. In the state of California, prospective lawyers can practice as long as they pass the Bar Exam, but they don’t have to go to law school first. Kardashian has opted to skip law school and learn straight from a lawyer as a way to prepare for the exam. Once she passes the exam, she hopes to migrate into a career in law full-time, abandoning her celebrity status altogether.

Lyft has yet to announce when the partnership will begin, or what the details are.

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