It may seem as if Kim Kardashian-West can’t blink without wanting it documented on either social media, her TV show, or in the press. But the reality is that the mega-famous business woman has a lot more going on in her life that we’re unaware of—and not just because she’s signed an NDA with the E! network. Kardashian-West announced recently that she’s looking to pivot into becoming a lawyer within the next couple of years.

While entertainment and business was where she got her start, the star has found a particular passion (and connection to her late father, Robert Kardashian) through the legal system. After meeting with President Trump and advocating for the freedom of the wrongfully incarcerated over the last couple of years, Kardashian continues to do as much as she can for prisoners. In the last couple of months, Kardashian-West has funded the freedom of as many as 17 federal inmates, according to her lawyer, Brittany K. Barnett.

90 Days of Freedom Campaign

Kardashian-West began advocating for inmates when she got involved with Cyntoia Brown‘s case back in 2017. Brown was released from prison at the start of this year after being granted clemency. The 30 year old served 15 years of at least 51 more years of a prison sentence that came after Brown was found guilty for murdering a man that once bought her for sex. The Tennessee Governors office announced that Brown would be released from prison into parole supervision. Kardashian-West got involved when a tweet raising awareness for Brown’s case went viral and made it to the star. Since many have criticized the Kardashian family for not using their platform to help others, Kardashian-West saw this as a good way to leverage her fame in a way that would help someone in need.

After pledging to help Brown, Kardashian-West began hiring lawyers to push for prison and criminal justice reform. Her husband, Kanye West, has dedicated major parts of his more recent albums to providing commentary on the state of the prison system in the United States. Clearly that, combined with Kardashian-Wests upbringing around her father, rubbed off in some way. The reality star met with President Trump recently to discuss ways in which the prison systems can be adjusted to better serve prisoners that have been given unfair sentencing. On one occasion, this included pardoning a grandmother who had been sent to prison on minor drug charges.

Other Cases

While Cyntoia Brown and Alice Johnson may have garnered a lot of good publicity for Kim Kardashian-West, that isn’t the purpose of these endeavors. The television personality revealed recently that she’s been studying 18 hours a week for the California Bar Exam, which will make her able to become a lawyer if and when she passes the test. Kardashian-West plans to take the exam and begin practicing as early as 2022. In the meantime, though, she’s been doing what she can to advocate for prisoners.

Kardashian-West has personally invested time and money into helping free as many as 17 federal inmates in the last 9o days. The initiative is part of the 90 Days to Freedom Campaign and the Buried Alive Campaign that Kardashian-West has her hands in. Both initiatives aim to help prisoners get out of prison or receive shorter sentencing for things like minor drug-related charges. Considering that cannabis has been legalized in some form in most states at this point, many argue that inmates that are currently serving time for cannabis-related charges should be pardoned. Some, like New York’s Cynthia Nixon, even argue that those serving time for cannabis-related charges should be given special tax incentives if they were to get involved in the cannabis industry after being released.

Regardless of what will happen in the future, Kardashian-West has been flying under the radar when it comes to her legal work.